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Announcement: New Game Officer appointed for Red Orchestra 2!

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  • Announcement: New Game Officer appointed for Red Orchestra 2!

    Tactical Gamer is pleased to announce that a new Game Officer has been appointed for one of our flagship titles, Red Orchestra 2.

    The Launch of RO2 at TacticalGamer went off without a hitch, largely due to Damonte's excellent work as GO. He devoted a huge amount of time to establishing a solid admin team, setting the right direction for the RO2 community, and getting the server up and running. Recently, faced with time-constraints of real-life and his other work at TG, Damonte concluded it would be best to pass the torch for RO2. He'll stay on as an RO2 admin, but will be pouring most of his non-game energy into leading the Game Services Development team.

    Fortunately, the TG is ripe with leaders, and RO2 will continue-on in good hands: Tactical Gamer is pleased to bring Mindkill on board as the new RO2 Game Officer! Mindkill has been with Tactical Gamer for over three years, and has served as an admin for much of that time. We have the utmost confidence in his ability to guide Red Orchestra 2 here at Tactical Gamer!

    Please join us in formally thanking and congratulating Damonte and Mindkill for their continued service to this community!

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