Tactical Gamer is pleased to announce that a new Game Officer has been appointed for one of our flagship titles, Battlefield 3.

Since it's launch in October, 2011, BF3 has been under the excellent leadership of FBmantis. The community owes a huge debt of gratitude to Mantis - he devoted a phenomenal amount of his personal time for the betterment of the BF3 community and provided steady, even-handed leadership through many difficult technical and community-based challenges. Last week, citing a big decline in available free-time and a waning passion for the title, mantis decided it would be best for the community if he stepped down from the GO position.

Fortunately, the TG:BF3 community is ripe with leaders, and the title will continue-on in good hands: Tactical Gamer is pleased to bring Iamthefallen on board as the new BF3 Game Officer! Fallen has an even-keeled temperament, strong technical ability, and has been active at TG for over six years now; we have the utmost confidence in his ability to guide BF3 here at Tactical Gamer!

Please join us in formally thanking and congratulating Mantis and Fallen for their service to this community!

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