I am extremely pleased to announce that Unkl has graciously accepted the position of Dean of TGU at Tactical Gamer.

TGU is an extremely important and valuable aspect of our Community. It allows us to spread our message and pass on our way of playing games to newcomers and old hands alike. It perpetuates our playstyle and facilitates people working together, it's a great indicator of community and those involved do a great service to their fellow gamers and the community as a whole.

We are, as a Community, very lucky to have someone with Unkl's experience and ability to head up TGU. A natural teacher, leader and constant contributor to his community, someone who willingly devotes a great deal of his personal time to betterment of TG and his fellow gamers.

Please join me in thanking Unkl for his service and congratulating him on his new role.

Unkl, thanks bud!