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Announcement: New Game Officer for Elite: Dangerous

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  • Announcement: New Game Officer for Elite: Dangerous

    Community Manager's log, stardate May 18th, 2015.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to announce that ScratchnSniff0 has been promoted to the rank of Game Officer and will assume the helm of the Interstellar title that is Elite: Dangerous at TG.

    ScratchnSniff0 is a longstanding member of the Community here at TG, arriving here many, many moons ago in the distant time of 2007. He has been a dedicated Community Member and demonstrated a keen understanding of what TG and the Community is about. Of late he has carried out outstanding work in promoting Elite at TG and driving interest in what is shaping up to be a very exciting title.

    Please join me in congratulating ScratchnSniff0 on his promotion and thanking him not only for the work he has already done in promoting Elite, but for the work he is about to embark on in the near future. Scratch, thank you for stepping up to help your Community and best of luck in the future with all your efforts, I for one am very much looking forward to seeing Elite thrive at TG under your lead.




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