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    With the increasing momentum of Squad and it's recent Kickstarter launch the need for a steady hand to oversee TG's future interests in the game has become readily apparent.

    Unfortunately I wasn't able to find a steady hand.

    So, instead I scoured the Old Game Officer's Retirement homes for former comrades. What a pitiful sight, so many broken old warriors, scarred by the trials and tribulations of their service. The horrors reflected in their eyes, of servers not cooperating, password nights going wrong and players who haunted their days and nights. Amongst all this tragedy one ole bugger stood ramrod straight, a steely look in his eye.

    When I asked "Who will step forward and serve one more time" there was an awkward silence, then a crash as this fellow stepped forward throwing his zimmer frame into a nearby IV stand and proclaimed "I will, one more time for TG".

    So here we are is my great pleasure to announce that Squad at TG now has a Game Officer and his name is

    Dispo will be very familiar to anyone who has been around TG for any length of time. He has served his Community with great distinction on numerous occasions and was instrumental in the success of the TG Project Reality server, which was without doubt the best PR server in the world, bar none.

    I am absolutely delighted that Dispo has once again agreed to step up and help the Community and am very excited about the future of Squad at TacticalGamer with Dispo and his team at the helm.

    Please join me in congratulating and thanking our old friend, welcome back buddy, well done and thank you.
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