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The infraction system.

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  • The infraction system.

    Ladies and gentleman,

    Let me take this opportunity to familiarize you with's infraction system. These forums are difficult to moderate fairly without being heavy handed with some people and going easy on other people. One of the tools that we use to ensure a bit of consistency is the infraction system. This system allows an admin or moderator to issue an infraction on any post made in a forum that they moderate. This infraction will have a point value and expiration date, and they will be visible to admins in your profile until they expire. Most simple violations will be one point infractions that expire in a year.

    Let me be clear right now: A single one point infraction is no big deal. Consider it a warning that you've made a mistake. Learn from it. Correct your offending behavior and continue to participate in this marvelous community!

    If, however, you start to collect infractions, take care to find another hobby. Overload your profile with a list of infractions and you'll find that your posts have to be approved by an admin before anyone can see them. Not only that, but you can be assured that all of the admins are talking about you in their super secret admins-only forum. Not a good thing. You're treading on thin ice if it has come to this. You had better seriously correct your behavior if you wish to remain a part of our community. Once you come to this point, further infractions WILL result in you being banned completely.

    But this post isn't meant to drag you down! It's meant to remove your worries when you get your first infraction. It's not the end of the world. Don't flip out and reply to your infraction in a panicked state! Take it for what it's worth and try to avoid making the same mistake.

    I shouldn't have to tell you that despite how cool the infraction system is, if you commit a serious violation of the TG rules, expect to be banned immediately. The infraction system is meant for minor violations and is easily bypassed for grievous offenses. Intermediate violations might result in infractions with higher point values, or longer expiration dates, depending on the discretion of the issuing admin.

    Regardless of your infraction, if you wish to discuss it, it's best to reply to the infraction PM and talk to the admin that issued it. If you're not satisfied with that, then advancing to the Contact TG Administration forum is appropriate.

    Thanks for your time, and we hope you understand the TG infraction system a bit better!
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    Re: The infraction system.


    ** Coming back to common use
    ** Updated link for Contact TG Admin
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