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    For some unknown reason of late, there has been a drastic increase of the use of profanity and subjective content posted here at Tactical Gamer. The standards have not changed nor has the fact we hold ourselves to this certain bar.

    It has been discussed before that we keep the “Prime Time TV” standards here at TG. That basically means that if anything you post is inappropriate for teenagers, then simply do not post it. We understand in the course a debate that passions flare and sometimes measures are needed to convey your message, but at no time should you ever resort to swearing. Now some people do not like the fact that this is the standards or they think they should change. For those critics, it will not happen nor will it even be entertained.

    Using some method to skirt the standards is not an acceptable form of posting either. If you use some 4 letter word and you decide to put a space between the letters, it will be looked on as blatant disregard for our collective rules and you will be punished harshly. If you simply type in the word and it gets “filtered “, you are also wrong. The basic list for filtered words is very common; we all know what they are. Now the argument that is best is typing “****”, where technically the filter did not catch it simply because you used asterisks instead of any real word. Now if we can easily determine that it is intended to be a swear content, you will be given an infraction all the same.

    As for the subjective content, there is only one place that anything of this sort should be and that is the Sandbox. It is also up to the TV standards we follow, so make sure there is no nudity, profanity, or anything along those lines. If the content of a topic is abiding by the standards, but possibly in poor taste for certain audiences, please let us know in the thread name. The last thing we need is someone seeing/watching content that is inappropriate at their workplace. A simple “NSFW” tag in the title will let people know to simply not browse it. Another example is our younger audience that all of a sudden has their parents walk past them and they are watching something questionable and now their parents keep them away from us.

    All we are trying to accomplish by enforcing these standards is to keep TG above board. The second we start getting blocked for mature content/postings is the second that we failed to be an open forum. We are aggressively handing out infractions towards your accounts should you fail to comply with this. As discussed in another thread, earn enough infraction points and you will be moderated and eventually banned.

    If there are any questions about any of this message, by all means contact Asch or myself so we can set you on the right path.
    "The chief foundations of all states, new as well as old or composite, are good laws and good arms; and as there cannot be good laws where the state is not well armed, it follows that where they are well armed they have good laws." -Machiavelli



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