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    Something to understand upfront is that this version is not an upgrade of the old TS, rather a completely new version that works very differently. Also, this program is still a BETA and is not a complete package, TG feels that in its current form it is still more flexible than the previous one.

    One of the first things everyone will notice that the TS database is not linked to the TG Forums anymore, there is potential in the future but not at the moment. Another major difference is that you now receive a “unique database ID” or “client ID“assigned based on which machine you log in from. These IDs are what carries any permissions and role designations. If there is an issue with a player or your profile, we will always ask for your IDs, not your name. Unless you copy your IDs from computer to computer, each time you log on from a different machine you will create another. This will hamper the server recognizing you and create another user with new permissions.

    To transfer an ID simply click on “settings” at the top of the page and then “identities”. Then go to export and follow the directions. Simply take a thumb drive and copy it to any other computer you log into with TS3 and import it. Lastly make it your default profile on the new machine and you will be all set. This will prevent you having 2 or 3 IDs on the server.

    The Roles:

    GOs/XOs. The main group created to control the TS server is the GOs (General Officers). As with their game, they will be responsible for controlling their respective channels and sub channels. The GOs will be responsible for the well-being of everything including their channel admins. Also added to aid them was the XOs, both groups are signified by the “O” symbol next to their name on the server. These second in commands have virtually the same permissions in conducting their business. The GOs and XOs will appoint their channel admins exclusively, this is a big departure from before where any admin could grant another privileges. They are also responsible for the creation and naming schematic of their sub channels as well as any relevant passwords or information. One note for members of these groups is that they cannot grant each other similar permissions, they must come from a TS Server Admins.

    Server Admins (signified by an “S” next to their name). Unlike before with TS2, TS3 will have a finite number of TS server admins. The role was abused in TS2 and now that there is a much more layered approach to TS3 it is not needed as much. This admin can grant any permission as well as perform any function in any channel. It is reserved exclusively for TG Site Administration.

    Channel Admins (have a “C” next to their name) have also had a minor role adjustment as well. They now have more control of the various channels they are in and are able to ban, kick, move, and pretty much everything they would do normally in a game as well. One of their only limitations now is they cannot add another into their group, that is now reserved for GOs/XOs to do for their admins. Channel admins cannot move members from one game title channel to another unless they are admins in both channels involved. In addition, the channel admins are limited to service in their primary channel only; they cannot normally cross titles unless an admin in both. All admins are required to have their profile in the forums include their TS3 DB ID number.

    Registered. That is a TS user who has taken the time to put their TS3 database ID number into their profile. This user allows for quick referencing because their profile corresponds to their TS user information. To be added to the group you must catch a server admin to add you or simply post in the Contact Tactical Gamer Administration with your ID #. As an added bonus they are the only ones allowed besides admins, to create temporary channels for pick up and personal chat requirements. The Registered users now have the ability help the administration team by making “complaints”. This is a form of lodging a recorded incident against a TS violator, which with multiple complaints from multiple users on an individual will cause an automatic kick from the server. To receive “Registered” status you must complete your forum profile with your Database ID # which is usually 3-4 digits. Once you do that you can contact the TG Administration in the forums or grab a GO/XO/Server Admin while on the TS Server, directions will follow.

    Guest. This group does not have any special permissions. It is simply the default group for most users when they join the server. There is nothing wrong with simply being a guest, but you will be limited on what you can do.

    The Rules:

    Voice/Music Spamming
    . This has never been, nor will it be allowed. Get caught acting in such a manner and you will be removed.

    Swearing. We don’t do it in game nor do we do it in the forum, so nothing changes here.

    Temp Channels. If you create a temporary channel for discussion or gaming, make it clearly understood, what its purpose is. Name is after a game not covered or topic you want to discuss. If it is illegible in nature, offensive, game already covered, or purposeless it will be deleted instantly regardless if people are in it or not. No temporary channels are allowed to become permanent or semi permanent.

    IHS Channels. There is a very basic format that we require that is professional in nature. If you are involved with an IHS please make sure your primary channel follows the basic rules. If you desire some off the wall and private temp channel under your primary channel, have at it. But keep your primary channel easily recognizable and inline to others, this includes formatting and numeric naming. Also please make sure your graphics are tasteful and your descriptions are modest in nature.

    Avatars. Same rules as the forum. Keep the same size and overall dimensions please (100x100). If you violate the forum size limitations, it will simply be deleted to reduce bandwidth.

    Disconnect Message. Yes you can personalize a message, but keep it simple and clean. Seeing offensive messages when you disconnect is an easy way to make sure you don’t reconnect.

    Nicknames. It is advisable that you keep your forum name. It is much easier to reference players when they have the same names they use in the forum. Unrecognizable naming schemes such as Cyrillic, l33t, offensive name or anything not normally in your forum name will cause a kick/ban from the server instantly. Tags are fine, but not needed since you can add all that info to your description.

    Reporting users. As mentioned above, you can submit to a GO/XO/Server Admin their unique IDs and someone can look into it instantly. If you do not see anyone with that role online, simply post something in the Contact an Admin Forum for a game or the Contact TG Administration and we can go from there. Do not hesitate to report a issue, please do it immediately, to someone so we can rectify the issue before it gets worse.

    Now since this is a Beta program still, we will be going through several evolutions of updating and improving the server. Some of the things we continue to work on are more roles as well as enhanced capabilities such as file sharing. We will make every effort to keep up on the server and update this SOP as changes occur.
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