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  • Minecraft

    In my slow return to the pc I picked up minecraft. It's a game that my daughter loves to watch. I enjoy playing the vanilla version (original), but also play modded the ones that can run on my crappy setup for right now. Minecraft is a good step away from shooters when getting burned out. Anyone else here enjoy a little Minecraft from time to time?

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    Re: Minecraft

    Acreo_Aeneas and I used to play on a server he setup. We had a couple worlds, the first one we had had Industrialcraft and a couple other mods to it. But then we went vanilla for awhile since IC2 was not updating with the Minecraft updates. Just checked their wiki while typing this, they still haven't updated it lol.

    I think he still has a new world up, but I've moved onto Space Engineers, which is pretty much Minecraft in space!
    Here is the forum topic on Space Engineers. It is still Early-Access Alpha, but it's fun and they give you a new toy just about every week to play with. They update it every Thursday with a new block or some improvement!

    If IndustrialCraft 2 eventually updates I might go back, though.

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      Re: Minecraft

      We have a vanilla server running 1.7.10 right now. Soon we are setting it to Sky Factory as soon as the new version releases. Most mods/mod packs are running 1.6.4, but are starting to update to 1.7. Try checking out the AT or FTB launchers they have some nice stuff.


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        Re: Minecraft

        I still have a developing world up and running on my VM box. It's vanilla for now. Waiting for 1.8 to release and then for mods to catch up before I open it up for modding. PM me for details if you're interested.
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          Re: Minecraft

          Dunno if anyone remembers me from back when CoD4 was the hotness, but in my time away from TG, got quite into minecraft... to the point where I started a YT channel and uploaded vids and stuff. Have since ceased uploading, but still love the game.




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