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    Well, just another game that I noticed floating around. Nuclear dawn. As far as I can tell (and read) its a mixture of both FPS and RTS. So, like BF2/2142, each side has a number of players who are in a FPS game, however each side has a commander who is playing a RTS game. So, the commander gives orders to the players, who then act them out.

    However, unlike the battlefield games I mentioned where the commanders powers come back every few seconds, the RTS part of the game kicks in a bit more. This time, the commander needs to manage supplies, and team more than in other commander roles.

    Just a couple Q's from the FAQ:
    What is Nuclear Dawn?
    Nuclear Dawn is a gritty multiplayer game built in top of the same engine (Source) that was used for Half Life 2. It combines, it combines elements found in real-time strategy, such as base-building and resource management, with the fast-paced infantry combat of a First Person Shooter. Two military factions face off in the post-apocalyptic near future over a decaying landscape and the dwindling resources of a brighter age. Nuclear Dawn offers a unique experience, deep game play, and bleak end-of-the-world atmosphere.

    What is the role of the Commander?
    The role of the commander heavily depends on the sort of game you are playing. The more organized a game, the more important the role of the commander becomes. Teamwork and in-game coordination are both vital to success on the battlefield of Nuclear Dawn, so henceforth clans and organized servers will get the most out of the gameplay over most public servers.

    An effective commander will guide his team to resource points and objectives, gain access to new technologies, issue orders and instructions on how to (or not to) engage the enemy, and make sure his troops are well equipped. The commander will have the information available to interpret enemy tactics and create choke points with mines and turrets and funnel enemy troops into a withering ambush. Do you want to mount a frontal assault? Bypass enemy defences with stealth units to knock out their power supply? Capture and fortify resource points and then bleed them white on your well-prepared defences? These are just some of the tactical options in Nuclear Dawn.

    What is teamwork like in Nuclear Dawn?
    Sometimes you just want to cut loose. Turn off your radio, quit following the commander and sneak behind enemy lines to create a little mayhem. This sort of game play is not rewarded in Nuclear Dawn, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. A well-organized and coordinated team will usually win the day in Nuclear Dawn, but there is always a place for the lone hero in a good First Person Shooter. Who knows, maybe the commander will take note of your bloody Rambo killing spree and start dropping supplies and fortifications to help you along your way.

    Nuclear Dawn is not going to state -as many games and mods do- that it will revolutionize the way teamwork functions in a team-based First Person Shooter. Our goal is to combine elements from genres and give players the tools they need to build a solid foundation of teamwork and coordinated tactics.
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    Re: Nuclear Dawn

    This game has been in development for 5 years ive been watching and waiting for its release it should be out very soon I really hope it lives up to expectation.
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      Re: Nuclear Dawn

      I have been keeping my eye on it for awhile, when it comes out I think its worth a look.




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