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TC:Close Quartes Battle (CS and CoD:S&D like)

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  • TC:Close Quartes Battle (CS and CoD:S&D like)

    for fans of CS and CoD S&D game types this could be a really cool alternative. Its a mod for wolfenstine :et, which means its a totally free game. I played an older version of the game (TC: elite) through 07 and it was a really cool game with a very active clan scene. This version (as the name suggests) is more close combat orientated (last word is NO snipers!).

    Basically TC:E was the CS game type without the earning of money to buy more/better weapons. it also had no crosshairs, no unlimited stamina, free aim, realistic fall damage, etc... and cqb has all that and a massively updated gfx (seriously check out the youtube link... and remember its wolfenstine et), free head movement, an updated inventory system, and other aspects to make it much less RnG. I love this game type, but hate the RnG aspect of cod and cs (cod4 on tg server two was the best :) ), this game tc:e was a pretty good mix.. tce wasnt arma but it defiantly wasnt random server CS.

    I had been holding off on posting anything but tc:cqb is just about to have its alpha release so I thought this would be a good time for this post.

    one (possible) down side is last I heard the NA community had dwindled some, but with this new version it could easily be revived. And with a smaller NA community the more TGers that play, the more the TG play style will be the norm. SO it could be a good thing.

    dev blog

    news page

    youtube chan

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    Re: TC:Close Quartes Battle (CS and CoD:S&D like)

    Keep us posted and I'll register on the site.
    Forewarned is Forearmed


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      Re: TC:Close Quartes Battle (CS and CoD:S&D like)

      cool, no prob.

      also, at one point there was talk of having a server setting for a tac realism mode. not sure what ever happened with that.


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        Re: TC:Close Quartes Battle (CS and CoD:S&D like)

        OK, still haven't got the forum confirmation but I downloaded the "package" and installed. Starts with a fresh install and patch of Wolf:ET and then the mod and mod patch.

        I haven't been able to enter a server yet but I'll get at it.
        Forewarned is Forearmed


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          Re: TC:Close Quartes Battle (CS and CoD:S&D like)

          hmm, I havent played tc:e in a long time. Im not even sure that there are NA servers right now. Im just waiting for the tc:cqb alpha (or maybe later) realease. hope you like it.


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            Re: TC:Close Quartes Battle (CS and CoD:S&D like)

            Got into a 44 man server, played a lot sweeter than I expected when you start getting use to the movement system (sweet having a working lean and prone)

            And I'll also be interested in the next iteration.
            Forewarned is Forearmed


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              Re: TC:Close Quartes Battle (CS and CoD:S&D like)

              44 man server huh? never seen that before. enjoy!


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                Re: TC:Close Quartes Battle (CS and CoD:S&D like)

                Alpha release announced for March 31st. Link

                but it will only be one map and dm/ffa style game mode.


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                  Re: TC:Close Quartes Battle (CS and CoD:S&D like)

                  This has gone live, D/Ling now.
                  Forewarned is Forearmed


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                    Re: TC:Close Quartes Battle (CS and CoD:S&D like)

                    downloaded, but gonna give it a week or so to see about a patch.

                    when I do play I'll prolly make the sef server my home base. their tce server was always stable and filled. and sef clan had some of the best tce players, and a bunch of nice guys too.

                    have you played yet, anything worth reprorting?


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                      Re: TC:Close Quartes Battle (CS and CoD:S&D like)

                      patch announced

                      Alpha 0.221 4/6/2011
                      * Fixed random spawn point selection, now select spawnpoint farthest from all enemies
                      * Shotguns no longer clear lean ability
                      * Fixed erratic overly fast sprint (about 29% too fast), now it is TCE 049b sprinting speed (between Arma2 and Insurgency)
                      * Increased sprint acceleration
                      * Increased standard (run) speed by 10% (now comparable to Americas Army 3)
                      * Fixed shared ammo between Uzi and Glock
                      * Fixed lighting origin for first person gun
                      * Changed reference aspect ratio for fov to 16:10 resulting in larger fov's for 4:3 mode
                      * Added ability to moderately adjust fov (cg_fovMode 0, 1, 2): 70, 75 (default), 80 @16:10 (requires respawn to take effect)
                      * Added fov adjustment to UI
                      * Removed some references to TC:Elite from UI
                      * Fixed dead client issues with team name display and compass
                      * Removed bendable ability and enabled leaning for all players
                      * Removed high-grade ammo and pain killer without replacement
                      * Tweaked PPMM turning speeds for more consistency, now always 480 degs/sec (120 for prone) in the frontal +- 60 degs
                      * Increased PPMM turning speed by 10%, 7% for crouch, unchanged for prone
                      * Fixed missing world models and/or skins for SPAS 12, M3S90, SG-552+Eotech, Glock 18
                      I will be installing now :)


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                        Re: TC:Close Quartes Battle (CS and CoD:S&D like)

                        installed and ran around the map for a bit...

                        the movement felt sluggish at first, but after a few minutes I got used to it and it's not that bad.. may need some tweaking though.
                        I pwnd the hell out of some barrels.. they never saw it coming.

                        yeah, totally should be worth keeping an eye on


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                          Re: TC:Close Quartes Battle (CS and CoD:S&D like)



                          Has been a long time. I want to be honest about it, development of CQB has halted for quite some time now. Frankly, I can't find motivation to work on an idtech3 engine based game anymore. At least for the moment. It's been 12 years since the first steps of Q3TC. I think CQB is a nice tech demo showing off what's possible with idtech3, but without remake of the player models and without an update of the renderer it is stucked. Ultimately, I have to have fun at the development of whatever spare time project I am working on, and fun has stagnated ever since the initial release. Moreover, it doesn't look like there will ever be a stable and compatible renderer update to the ET engine. Taken together don't expect any further release unless I state something new.

                          However, I wasn't completely lazy either. Those who followed the discussion about potential alternative engines will remember that I favoured COD 4 or COD:WAW engine. I don't want to reiterate all the arguments but it turned out that COD4 is the best choice for me, with good scalability and smooth transition for mapping.
                          So, I have been busy (too a rather limited extent) with the first version of a new TC franchise on COD 4 not too different to CQB, which will be ready for playtesting before Xmas. The game will even more focus on CQB scenarios, with much more limited arsenal offering maximum variety of play styles.

                          Features (and differences to COD 4) so far:

                          *No hud
                          *No crosshair
                          *No zoom when aiming
                          *No XP, rank, extras, all purely based on player skills and tactics
                          *Clip wasting reload
                          *Speed similar to early CQB or last TCE (slower than COD4)
                          *No COD4 hardpoints, kill streaks, gren launchers, rocket launchers, ... (all crap cut out)
                          *Limited jump (if at all)
                          *4 classes per team with unique primary weapons (team dependent)
                          MP5/MiniUzi (Weapon Mod perk: Silencer)
                          G36C/AkS74U (Weapon Mod perk: Red dot)
                          6.8SPC Rifle/AK-47 (Weapon Mod perk: 4x ACOG)
                          M1014/SPAS-12 (Weapon Mod perk: Saboted slugs)
                          *8 secondary weapons (same for both teams)
                          FN Five-seven
                          Glock 18
                          Desert Eagle .50
                          .460 S&W Revolver
                          Sawn-off double barreled shotgun
                          Mossberg 590A1
                          *Similar Perks to CQB with 3 perk/ability slots:
                          Weapon mod
                          Steady aim
                          Commando knife

                          Improved vest

                          High-grade ammo
                          Extra ammo
                          Frag gren

                          There is no title yet. Since the teams are not regular units and TC:CQB is already used I currently favour TC:SOF. Game modes will be 1-life demolition with team swap and bodycount.
                          I think this is a positive move and look forward to reinstalling CoD4.




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