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  • DDay: Normandy

    Here is an awesome free ww2 standalone game. Lets get one thing straight.. the graphics suck. But the gameplay is awesome!
    This game is definitely one of those games that get under your skin.. There are are literally hundreds of community made maps and several teams to play on.. From Germany, US, Polish, Japan, Italian, British, US marines.. and a ton of unique weapon sets to go with each team.. If you can get passed the graphics... its a hidden gem.

    But since the graphics are dated.. If you have a old computer.. you can play it.. you can play this on a netbook if you wanted too haha.

    For more information and to download/view gameplay videos visit

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    Re: DDay: Normandy

    haha, I used to play this game back in ~2000 when it was a Q2 mod.. it was really cool.

    IDK if it still has this system but, the main maps were invasion 1-5 (or something) inv 1 was the beach landing and if the allieds (spelling?) took the objectives and won the map it would load inv 2.. again if the allieds won it would goto inv 3, but if they lost the naxt map load would be 1 again. back and forth push/pull style...

    there was another (single) map that had this dynamic play out. the beach landing.. take obj... new section opens up.. take obj.. new section... etc.

    and several of the maps forced teamwork.. standing on a teamies shoulders to get to the obj etc...

    idk if any of these maps/systems are still in place though.

    had many good times with this good game.




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