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First Impressions: War Inc. Battlezone

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  • First Impressions: War Inc. Battlezone

    This is my personal first impressions after playing the latest F2P (Free 2 Play) shooter known as War Inc. Battlezone (available through Steam). I played the game for about an hour on my LAN rig on a small 15" LCD monitor (1024 x 768 screen). Widescreen might be a slightly different/improved experience, but I'm not at my main rig right now. Will try once more tomorrow.

    Install and Setup

    Okay, this is pretty straightforward. One plus is that there isn't some extra (or several extra) browser add-ons you have to install in order to play the game. Steam is probably handling the security for that section. Pretty run of the mill process: download the 1 GB file, install it, run the game.

    You're initially presented with a few welcome screens that attempt to explain the various features of the game, difference between the gold coins (in-game currency) and cash points (real money convert to in-game credits), skill sets (you can use up to 2 at a time in a loadout), character customizations (+armor, +speed, etc), etc. Although you could change the appearance of your character, you could not customize the weapons. To slightly counter that lack of customization for the weapons, they come in with a arrangement of different attachments. You could, for example, get a stock HK416 (rail top), get a HK416 with Aimpoint/reflex scope, get a HK416 with holo sight, etc. It's just none of the add-ons you can add yourself to the weapon. Either it has it or it doesn't.

    The default weapons aren't too bad. On the primary side, you have a choice between: AK74, M16 (it's actually the A4 version), M24 (bolt action sniper), or the M249 (full stock, not para). On the secondary, you can choose between: Remington 870 (or was it a Benelli M1?), MP5A4 (solid full stock), or the P90 (rail top, not the standard reflex sight). There is a standard M9 sidearm, but you can't equip during the welcome screens. You can equip it once you are in the gear customization screen and you modify your loadout.

    You can change the appearance of your character, but that is pretty limited. Extra faces costs in-game credits and some need to be unlocked first. Initially, you're locked in with one face/head, two choices for body armor, three choices for headgear (ballistic helmet with clear visor, and a goggle attachment plate (no goggles, just the mounting plate visible); red beret; and a boonie hat (desert camo)), and two outfits. The rest have to be bought using in-game credits and/or unlocked.

    However, one glaring problem was that the text had next to no kerning or spacing. This coupled with the fact that it was a thin, tall, sans serif font made matters worse. I literally had to put my nose to monitor and squint in order to make out some of the words.

    The goal here is like in other F2P shooters: complete objectives, try and be on the winning team, make kills. All these things goes towards earning you credits, which are then spent on better weapons, equipment, and customizations. Also with every game, you earn XP which lets you gain rank and each rank unlocks a new item and sometimes you are rewarded free items (weapons, equipment, etc).


    Ugh, I'm holding myself back from using more flavorful language. It plays, but it is nowhere near tactical. Hell, it's a run-and-gun fest (for the most part fast-paced). I played probably a total of 10-15 games. There was no obvious or coherent teamwork, no in-game voip, no one bother texting in-game to formulate a strategy. People just ran around trying to get the most kills by any means necessary. Then there's the game's definition of "shooter". It is only third-person. In fact, if you've ever played GTA: San Andreas or GTA IV, the view is almost the same. Aiming zooms you in right over the character's right shoulder and your reticle tightens a bit. The exception here is that once aimed, your character blocks out a good portion of the left side of your screen.

    For me, playing on most servers was a lag fest. I don't know if it's because the servers might all be based in Europe since every server was a P2P player hosted listen server and that most of the players on were only in Europe (it is 2-3 am here in Chicago). Half the time I'd mysteriously get killed by a sniper. The kill cam would then show me the sniper in some obscure place with no sight or view on my location.

    I'm willing to attribute these problems to a hiccup of some sort on my end and what I mentioned above.

    I found it was nearly impossible to just walk around aiming down my sights or even turning corners aimed down the sights. My character's body obscured so much of my left view that on several occassions I couldn't even see the guy shooting me in time to react. Yes, aiming does improve accuracy, but without a first-person view, it's almost useless.

    Quitting the Game

    Oh man, I have no clue what happened here. Right after exiting, all the buttons on my mouse suddenly quit responding. I was using keyboard shortcuts trying to browse around and see if there was any runaway process(es) causing my mouse problems. Before I could do much, my whole system locked up. Ugh, had to hit the reset switch.

    Bullet Summary

    + No browser add-ons needed to play or launch the game
    + Somewhat unique skills you can equip
    + Character improvements (armor, speed, health boosts, etc)
    + Ability to customize the appearance of your character
    + Pretty good loadout (primary, secondary, sidearm, and other equipment slots)

    - Hard to read text
    - Limited customization options
    - "Most tactical game..." - What a load of crap!
    - Third-person only
    - Poor view when aiming (over the right shoulder view)

    Initial Verdict:

    It's not worth my time and I feel not worth paying money for. The whole "tactical" advertising is a bunch of marketing bull. The third-person view doesn't lend to a very tactical feel especially given how much is obscured when you aim down the sights. The lack of voice communications and general lack of teamplay on servers is another huge drawback. You probably won't find any tactical play here unless we populate a user-made server with all TGers.

    I've already deleted the game. Personally, I'm a little scared of what happened after I left the game. Stuff like that usually doesn't happen even in F2P games.
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    Re: First Impressions: War Inc. Battlezone

    I tried this also one night and agree with you 100% although I didn't have the tech issues that you did (lag, small text or problems quitting the game). I also uninstalled it immediately after playing.

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      Re: First Impressions: War Inc. Battlezone

      that game is the most bugg filled game there ever is in beta 9imn sorry and the gms no better when u come to tell themn about bugg abuse they dont do crap about so yea that game ill never play again




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