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  • CTD!!

    Need some help here fellas....
    My game keeps crashing to desktop whilst in game. I have all the updated drivers for all the hardware ect ect.
    I'm thinking that there is some sort of conflict somewhere but i'm not smart enough to figure it out myself.

    AMD athlon 700
    Geforce3 64 meg AGP
    768 Meg SDRAM
    20 GIG HD
    Yamaha DS-XG legacy sound card

    I couldn't tell you what kind of Mainboard is in this thing...I can't find that info.
    I've been reading online for awhile now trying different fixes and such...but to no avail. Short of placing a block of C4 on this thing, i'm stumped :? Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance


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    I was gonna say that your machine looks a bit underpowered to run BF, but I think Ender has it running on an even older box. Maybe he's got some tips for you?
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      Maybe I should anti-up the cash for a new box. Ryn donated this one to me cause he wanted a gaming hog. But in the inbetween time...I want this game to run.
      I know Ghost Recon works well on this machine :D


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        I run it on a celron 900. It runs, not very well but it runs. I turned the res down to the lowest, all the details are down or off and the sound quality is on low (it helps, trust me). I get a decent frame rate, nothing huge, but its playable... sorta.


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          Its not a mater of turning stuff down, all that is already down and the game runs well when it runs.

          For example, right now I can't even turn the game CTD as soon as it starts booting.

          Tomorrow i'm gonna take it to the computer doctor in town to see what is what....probably require a new mainboard and chipset.


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            Alot of it could be just that the processor is not fast enough and the game errors out and throws you back to desktop. It just can't keep up with all the stuff going on....The simplest way for me to explain it..
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              It runs good on the lowest settings on my comp but I thought I would be able to at least use medium settings with my 2500+,128 5200(rip off some weird type),a7n8x.I think I need some more ram only have 256.


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                Have you been having problems with other programs? Make sure you aren't running other processes in the background.

                Another approach which I've had to do is uninstall and clear out all battlefield directories, then reinstall and re-patch. For some reason a patch can cause me to have bugs. A fresh install and new patch usually fixes it.
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