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Finished FC4, Q. SPOILER ALERT!!!

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  • Finished FC4, Q. SPOILER ALERT!!!

    Just finished Far Cry 4... was a pretty damn good game, a lot of fun, a lot of side missions... did them all EXCEPT the stupid Drug Duel series where they drug you and you have task to do, and the La-whatever where you have to go into that mystical world... hated all the "drug" or alternative missions... did only what I needed to do to unlock the weapon rewards.

    I like that I can still play after killing Min... still fight and still ambush the bad guys, and best of all re-clearing the fortresses and sites. When I was going back for the last journal, I discovered the shrine to Min's daughter, who turns out to be my half sister, because mom cheated on dad with Min. lol... actually a pretty interesting story... and wonder what it would of been like if I didn't kill Min... I heard it's an alternate ending, but haven't watched or seen it... in case I do it again.

    but what Q. and what lead to this post... after the campaign was 100% completed I was walking around, doing some cleanup, when I fast travelled to another post, when I came out of the post it went to another cut scene where Amita, (who I choose to support over the other, and killed him for her), she was rounding up citizens, and threatening them to either conform or be shot... same crap Min was doing, so after the cut scene, I shot her... and all it said was "don't kill innocent citizens", she wasn't innocent but anyway... is there even more to this story even after the campaign? I'd like to become KING. ;)
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