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  • Lockdown PC version news...

    copy/paste from the magazine site...

    Computer Games Magazine has confirmed that the PC version of the upcoming tactical shooter Rainbow Six: Lockdown will not be released alongside the PS2 and Xbox versions as originally announced.

    While the first press release announcing the game hinted at a simultaneous shipping date for the PC version this spring, a representative from the game’s publisher Ubi Soft told Computer Games Magazine otherwise.

    The only things the representative would confirm about the PC version of Lockdown is that it would ship sometime later than the PS2 and Xbox versions and that it will be a all new game developed by Rainbow Six creators Red Storm and will not be a port of either of the console versions.

    This is the second Tom Clancy branded game series from Ubi Soft that has moved from being primarily a PC franchise to a console franchise.

    The first game in the Ghost Recon series was released initially on the PC with console ports afterwards, but Ghost Recon 2 was released first for the PS2 and Xbox last November.
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    Re: Lockdown PC version news...

    IGN actually has screens of the PC version now and info that Bunkers and 747 are returning MP maps.
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