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  • Serious Sam II Demo Out

    Yep, could hardly believe it myself.

    Last I heard, Croteam was still working on the Serious 2 Engine, and from the looks of the screenshots, it was going to be a really big job.

    So, imagine my surprise when loging into Fileshack, the demo was right there, ready to download.

    About 2 hours later (yep, DSL sucks), I had it installed.

    So what you get in the demo is one insane level that you can play yourself, or as a co-op with 3 other players.

    Did anything really change? No, and that's a good thing.

    The new engine brings my aging system to it's knees, but even at "LOW" quality, it's purty, quick, and picks up where the original left off.

    Now, I know what you are thinking: this isn't very tactical. And you are right, Serious Sam is not a tactical title: it's raw, unadultered carnage, where your strategy is limited by how many health packs you have, and what weapons and ammo are available.

    It's also fun.

    So, what can you expect?

    More, as in: more weapons, more baddies, and more levels. Highlights include, a parrot bomb, zombie stockbrokers, football players, a new chainsaw, vehicles, huge levels, and lots and lots of ammo.

    For more info:

    For the demo:

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    Re: Serious Sam II Demo Out

    omgogmogmgomg I can't wait!

    We need to organize a group to do this stuff up.


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      Re: Serious Sam II Demo Out

      Absolutly!! I still play Sam Second Encounter!

      I love its originality and just down right freakyness.


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        Re: Serious Sam II Demo Out

        I believe that was always the appeal about Serious Sam.

        Straightforeward, shoot the baddies with the guns, make sure they die, have fun.

        Alot like Timesplitters' arcade games. Anyone who played the third (Future Perfect) and remembers the cat racing, knows exactly what I mean.


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          Re: Serious Sam II Demo Out

          Serious Sam was awesome just for being so FOCUSED on perfecting the Doom gameplay. Its completely shameless in terms of violence and guns and not being any deeper.


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            Re: Serious Sam II Demo Out

            I really enjoyed serious sam 2 even though the IGN boards weren't to thrilled about it. I plan on picking it up on release.
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              Re: Serious Sam II Demo Out

              Looks like it's gone gold:


              Might want to wait for soem reviews on this....most of those comments are negative about the which I mostly agree.

              After more time with the demo, I can say there is something that got lost....the tongue is not planted as firmly in cheek, it's not as's hard to describe. The demo is missing something....soul.

              I'm going to wait for the full game, but something about the demo brought the familiar strains of B.B. King's "The Thrill is Gone" to mind.




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