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Secret Service map pack

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  • Secret Service map pack

    Anyone tried any of these? worth putting on the server?

    I just downloaded them, gonna check em out today.... :D

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    OK, installed this and hosted some local games to check out some of the maps, and they're all adversarial.

    Seeing how we don't even have more than 2 or three folks on the server at once, we probably wouldn't even use any of them.

    That said, these maps are REALLY cool. Theres a good mix of small and large maps, with a good variety of cqb and long range all over the place.

    The thing I noticed the most was that in almost all the maps, there's usually an area where the 2 teams are going to run flying into each other, and they used bulletproof glass in a really interesting way... Entire mazes of glass, where you coud see the other team, but you cannot shoot them... was pretty bizarre. They even have a large ladder up the middle of one map where it was encased in this kinda glass... I can imagine that would make for some interesting matches.

    Very well done maps, lots of variety, and good use of lighting... couple areas are like strobe lights where there's flickering lights, adds a sense of freakyness to the situation. There's even "secret" passages, or false walls in a couple maps....You can "kinda" see where they are, but it's still pretty cool.

    Let me know if anyone want to check it out further, pm me and I'll try hosting a few games. I think it's worth the download.



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      Yeah we really need to bring some TVT to RvS. I'll make a post and see what we can get.




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