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  • Versus: Conflict Defines Existence

    Versus: Conflict Defines Existence


    Versus: Conflict Defines Existence is a Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter (MMOFPS) that immerses the player in an ongoing war between three galactic empires. The game itself will primarily be a First Person Shooter, but certain game elements will have a Real Time Strategy feel.

    Three galactic empires have chosen to settle their 1,000 years of differences by selecting 13 planets and declaring them a “Disputed Zone”. The empire that controls the most planets within the Disputed Zone when 100 years elapses is declared the winner. All the planets in the Zone become theirs by right, thereby tipping the balance of power in the galaxy forever. The battle begins on the planet of Eridanus, and you have just been drafted.
    # The Erudite Sodality: A people obsessed with technology. Their weapons and tactics employ the most devastating beam lasers ever created which allows their troopers to fight for weeks on end without need for ammunition.

    # The Vachir Tanistry: A warlike people whose culture is defined by the ruthless methods that are employed to gain positions of power. Their ballistic weapons focus on bold moves and punishing damage.

    # The Remnant: A former great religion now solely dedicated to Crusade and regaining control over the souls of man. Their plasma weapons can melt the strongest armor and incinerate flesh.

    Game Play Summary

    All players will enter the game on their empire’s Homeworld having a unique environment that is meant to set the “tone” for the empire. Each planet, other than the Homeworlds, will have a collection of continents upon which battles take place. Each continent will have an overall theme for its environment and will incorporate many “real world” terrain features.

    Based upon the current holdings of their empire, the player may enter the battle from a selection of different locations. Players fight to control the multitude of facilities located on each continent. An empire in possession of a facility gains certain bonuses specific for a facility of that type. Each continent also contains a Capitol City, possession of which determines the “owner” of that continent.

    Players are able to employ a variety of weapons, as well as land and air vehicles. Players use these weapons to fight to gain entry into a facility. Once the attackers are inside, Hackers jack into the facility Computer Core and begin to reprogram the facility systems in a form of a mini-game. This mini-game is referred to as a competitive hacking system, where players attempt to infiltrate a facility’s computer core and reprogram it to their empire while defending players also jack in and attempt to stop them. As Hackers are completely involved in this task, they must be protected by friendly players. Now both attackers and defenders must kill these Hackers or employ their own Hackers to remove the malicious code. When all of the major base systems are hacked, possession of the facility changes to that empire.

    After an empire acquires a certain number of facilities the Capitol City becomes vulnerable and may be attacked. The Capitol City is an enormous area of buildings and underground complexes containing three Computer Cores. As each Computer Core is captured, that portion of the City becomes under that empire’s control. When all three Computer Cores are captured, the defenders have 10 minutes to recapture 1 Computer Core before they are automatically captured and summarily executed. At this point combat would move to another continent.


    # The complex, yet easily grasped, skill system provides an exponential number of player-selected gaming experiences.
    # A wide variety of enormous battlefields with “real world” terrain features and dynamics.
    # The player can select to play as the lone soldier or join up with an existing team for a more tactical experience.
    # Performance based rewards and incentives to provide additional character-driven goals.
    # Standard online gaming communications methods including chat, friends list and email.
    # Galactic and Planetary maps that show the summarized progress of the war in real-time.
    # “Record Mode” with an external player that will allow players to play saved game footage and export it to AVI format.
    # Player, Company, House and Empire achievement announcements will be made to all players in the game to highlight individual achievement and build community.
    # RTS-style real-time “Satellite View” is available for the highest ranked Commanders.
    # Tools for Commanders to direct and influence the battle in real-time.
    # Wide array of armors, weapons and vehicles.
    # The ability to scale. New planets can be added as well as space based and naval combat.
    # Combat takes place simultaneously in a variety of locations allowing the player to select the “style” of battle that suits their taste.


    This game will be for IBM PC-compatible computers. Because of the amount of data required, only broadband will be supported. Dial-up internet users may play, but will suffer decreased performance.
    An FAQ for this game can be found here .

    My brother is on the development team for this game, so as a favor I posted this here because I know that the maturity level here is what is needed to help this game progress. Please, any questions or comments you have about this game post on their forums, this is out of respect for the hard work they are doing. Try and limit the posts here to "WOW THAT'S AWESOME" and other such comments.

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    Re: Versus: Conflict Defines Existence

    Sounds cool. A little like Dystopia/BF2 in an MMO.





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