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  • Spawn camping

    Quote from Cinq:
    "This is a grey area. If it's a flag that can be captured, then it's fair game. If it's a base, then I don't see a problem with sniping into it, stealing vehicles, or making a pass through it with aircraft or armor.

    Sitting there and waiting to kill people as they spawn is NOT allowed on this server."

    My 2 cents. I agree one hundred percent. These rules are great for us TG folk, All the members of this community respect each others style of gameplay....BUT.....we'll have some obvious problem with all the pubbies that join that don't give a ****e about TG rules.

    It'll be interesting to see where this will go in the future, Myself....i love playing the game and don't enjoy playing with a bunch of 10yr olds playing on the family computer.

    Game admins, your gonna have your hands busy sorting out people until a baseline of ethics gets out to the public and they know this is not the place to screw around.

    Anyways, I hope things get better..this game has so much potential.

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    Well I agree.. And in saying that I sponcer Rob for an admin slot for BF1942.


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      Well, I talked with the person that I kicked this evening, and it seems that I didn't see everything that happened before the events that caused me to take action. I apologize for that. Without having established the rules clearly before hand, I shouldn't have taken such drastic action.

      Especially against someone that is now an admin... :oops:

      But I'd like to hear some discussion about this here. I maintain that there is a huge difference between sniping a base spawn or pounding it with artillery and taking a heavy tank into their base spawn and waiting for them to spawn so you can kill them... I'd like to hear differing opinions, though, because we need to get this sorted out so that I (and my fellow admins) don't piss anyone else off if we kick them... ;)
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        as an admin i always tell the people doing these things that we don't accept that kind of behavior on our server. sometimes they will comply but most of the time i get told where to stick my rules. i only kick a person after at least a few warnings and telling them why i'm kicking them. i have spent more than a few games doing nothing but keeping the peace.


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          Originally posted by eternal
          My only real issue is when it's the last available base. I think it sucks otherwise but if a team has at least a few points he can just spawn elsewhere.
          Yeah, like I said, this is a grey area, in my opinion.

          The situations are so varied.

          Which team is winning?
          Are the teams even?
          Are there other spawn points?
          What kind of map is this?
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            My Two Cents,

            We have a large community now interested in BF. Half the community comes from GR and the other half CS. They are different styles of gameplay, but I think we have both come to an understanding that this game has much more potential. Those who have not been exposed to a "team" based game are now realizing that this game is much more enjoyable working in teams based on strategy and communication.

            I agree with one of Eternal's posts saying that this game was "not" a simulation. I agree with this only in part. This game is not a simulation because of no communications. We have added that level. We now have access to resources in game, that no other game could offer. Armour, Engineers, Navy, Artillery, Airforce, Anti-air, Infantry. That is something that we in the GR world have had had wet dreams over.

            Some of us tonight have really seen what this game can really do. Working together in teams with airpower and armour and...ground troops.
            Helo's are fun...tanks are fun...but you have to have a man with his foot on the ground that says..."This ground is mine, I worked for come f--kin take it from me" a simulation...that... is use of one's resources...and that is just plain god damn fun.

            I have come from the GR world...I know no other. Will we get the same type of gameplay? I hope not. But the one thing that GR has, is respect for the simulation portion of the game....which I think this game has and heavily out weighs GR. There is a learning curve amongst regular BF players that has yet to be identified...patients should be use by all while the game is in it's infancy.

            Points were brought up tonight...I am sure they will be used as a reference to future rules...or should I say guidelines...maybe etiquette would be a better word........for now....have patients.....the game will evolve into what I believe is going to to be a better gaming that no one has ever seen before. :mrgreen:

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              What about someone running in there with a tank and taking out all the vehicles? Of coures, he is going to fire on the soldiers as they become apparent, but that doesn't mean that he's camping.

              3) Support game play in a near-simulation environment. Where the focus of play would not be solely on doing what it takes to win, but doing so utilizing real-world combat strategy and tactics rather than leveraging exploits provided to players by the design of the game engine.


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                Big grey area. The tactic of spawn camping can be take a couple of ways. It will be hard to say when it is ok and when its not .. I don't like the idea of sitting on the platform and keep killing or blowing up stuff but it does serve a purpose in several cases (if your looking for kills and points the tactic sucks).. one that comes to mind is you have to deal with the problem while other stuff is going on in the game (nice tactic in disruption) is is fair or unfair, It happens night after night in differnt maps.. it is one of the best ways to hold a flag til you get help if its not a home spawn area..
                Then there is the helo in the home spawn hovering overhead blowing up everything in sight. touching down for ammo and back up again to sit over the spawn to reak havoic. good tactic but no different than spawn camping on the platform... the advantage is there...

                I guess what I would like to say is don't over regulate the fun out of the game and if a rule is made don't make 40 exceptions to the rule. Make it fair and make it for all and not twist it where its ok for some things and not others...

                But most of all remember that you have the public to deal with and most of them don't care a whooot about our rules.. But the rules are the only thing we have to go by..Gentelmens rules work for us but not for the public..
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                  Heres how I feel. I'm fairly new to BF1942 and being killed as soon as you spawn (in a zone which cannot be captured by the enemy) ticks me off the most, and makes me want to quit playing BF1942 (and I just started).

                  I would not like to see that kind of thing happen, especially at TG. If your team owns the whole map then I don't see anything wrong with someone wasting their time in your base lets say taking out your choppers or something (still no CAMPING, pass by).

                  However if your team has no flags and some lamer sits on a repair bay blowing the crap out of everything in your base thats jsut unacceptable. You should be allowed to freely leave your base and try to cap a flag to make the game interesting once again.

                  I think everyone at TG enjoys games which come down to 5-10 points, and are really close all the way through. Owning the whole map and winning 250-0 is jsut not fun. I don't know about you but I like to stay mobile in the game and keep my enemy on their toes. Sitting in one spot picking my nose while i move the turret on my tank is not my idea of fun.

                  I love gaming, mmmmmmmm


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                    We need to hammer this out in the admin forums and come up with a final set of resolutions regarding spawn camping. There are specific types of spawn camping that almost seem acceptable, and we need to make sure that what is acceptable and what isn't is clearly laid out for all the players AND admins to understand...
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                        Ugh, quite a few posts on this topic. Here's another busy thread on this topic. I think my comments are on page three.

                        I think most points have been discussed, hopefully us admins can figure this out.
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