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    I'm running WinXP Pro on an

    AMD AthlonXP 1600
    2x128M PC2100 DDR RAM
    nVidia GeForce3 Ti 500
    SoundBlaster Live! Value

    I run the game at 1024x768x32 which is the same as my desktop resolution. Settings are all at medium.
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      Originally posted by patorean
      Originally posted by [gc]flux
      Originally posted by DeRanger
      How does one get rid of the 4? splash screens at load-up.
      look in your bf1942/Movies directory. just rename those files to something other than .bik
      Goto your Bf1942 desktop icon and right properties.

      Add " +restart 1 " after the last quote in the target bar. This will bypass the movies and intro and go straight to the game. it should look something like this:

      "C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\BF1942.exe" +restart 1

      Hope this helps...

      or you can just delete them


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        Perfect answer coming from you Raven... :D



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          Athlon 1700 on an old Asus A7V133 (a 1700 is pushing the upgradability of the board rev and bios that I have, but seems ok, a nice upgrade from the old Athlon 800)
          768 megs of PC133
          Sapphire (ATI) 9700
          Soundblaster Live 5.1

          I play at 1280x960 16bit. I get good performance AFAIAC with two exceptions.

          - On a 25+ person server with most of the people attacking/battling in the airfield area on Wake,

          - On that one Iraq-named map - desert map with a valley in front of the opposition base and a ridge-line beyond, two bases on/just-over the ridge, one more base nearest the coallition base on a broad plain. I get acceptable performance at the North base, but the South base I get around 1fps.

          I recently turned the sound down to 11Khz, I guess I should turn on the fps counter so I can ensure I still get good performance as I tweak things - such as turning sound hardware acceleration on.

          I'd love to upgrade, but that would necessarily involve an upgrade to almost ALL of the components - CPU/MB/RAM, so right there it's almost equivalent to buying a completely new system.

          BTW: Maps with lots of twists and turns and urban areas with narrow streets, especially ones played "at night", really remind me of CS :) Those old skillz do come in handy some times. However unlike CS the threat can usually come from any direction, as opposed to the uni-dimensional-threat of most CS maps.

          IE, *so* often in BF1942 in a darkly lit urban area I'll die and have *no* idea where the attacker is, even with 5 seconds of ghosting the scene. In CS you almost always knew where the enemy was the instant the gunfire started, if they weren't in the corridor ahead of you, they were in the other corridor or two nearby.




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