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The Best Thing About BF Is....

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  • The Best Thing About BF Is....

    The fact that you can go it alone or team up...each one has advantages or disadvantages.

    No SOP's...point and shoot.

    Bradleys and BMP's....I don't need to say anything more.

    Choppers...all least the ones with guns.

    Scud Missles....when in the right hands and a spotter...very deadly...Shutup Houdini :D

    MLRS...ever been on the recieving end of one of those things?

    Howitzers 155 mm....shutup Ryker :D second chance with these things....they can deny an area to the enemy for a long time. Most minefields to be effective, are covered by, at the least, a crew served weapon or mortar. When Joe Sapper gets out to disarm...rape him form 200 meters with a machine gun.

    A great game with much variety...I am really enjoying this sucker. To :D :D move in gropus of 2 to 3 in heavey armor with some close air support is very deadly.
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    I really like the size of the teams... Having 31 teammates makes for some truly awesome possible tactics. Armored troop carriers and helos actually become useful!
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