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lockdown demo real soon?!

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  • lockdown demo real soon?!

    Stay tuned for more info, I'll post (or anyone else) the first link...

    copy/paste from

    Speculation and rumors are rolling around in all TC circles that we will see
    a demo either Today(Tuesday, the 10th) or Friday. Stay tuned as we dig for the scoop. So get your Gaming hat back on baby its coming soon.
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    Re: lockdown demo real soon?!

    The Lockdown demo is out now. It supports SP and MP (TvT and Coop). It's not too bad so far. Looks like a custom RSE engine. It feels like an updated GR engine and the file structure is similar. It ran smoothly and is different from Raven Shield.

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      Re: lockdown demo real soon?!

      No options for seperate teams, go codes or mission planning?

      The location damage from RvS was nice as well, the 3 bar health system doesnt seem to fit with this kind of game. Walk speed was too slow as well.

      No dedicated server option either :( But it did look pretty and have some nice new features (shooting the door off of its hinges, etc.)




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