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The ORIGINAL Desert Combat release now available

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  • The ORIGINAL Desert Combat release now available

    Originally posted by USENET
    Hi Desert Combat fans,

    This time last year, a new version of DC was out that fixed bugs and
    provided a relativly hassle-free modern-battlefield frag-fest that was
    kinda-fun :)

    That was a year ago and DC has moved-on since to the monster that it
    is today. BF has also moved-on and the old version doesn't work
    anymore so you can't play it anyway... but... not anymore...

    For you people that missed this "new" mod, a kind soul that goes by
    the name "myne" has updated this version to work with BF 1.5. It's a
    waffer-thin 60 Meg to see what it was like to play DC a year ago and
    as the mod has been "renamed", it won't mess-up the current version if
    you have it installed.

    The web-forum thread that has the link:

    Enjoy :)

    P.S. Did the Apache right-click missile really fire Defgun shells ?
    lol ... No wonder I liked it :)
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