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BF Server Admins: Check this out!

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  • BF Server Admins: Check this out!

    Probably the wrong forum, but I figure "the powers that be" will put it in the proper place.

    Server admins, I'm sure you've seen this little app, but it looks pretty darn cool.

    CTFE Kicker

    Looks like it's just part of an ongoing project to provide a really sweet server admin application.

    Here's a summary:

    IF you remote admin a server this is a MUST HAVE!

    Change and Monitor Admin Settings with ease and speed.
    Kick/Ban/Warn Players with custom messages.

    NEW! - A unique voice driven hotkey menu system allows you to kick/warn/ban players
    while you are playing 1942. No need to alt-tab out of the game.
    Easy and fast enough to do while flying a plane!

    CTFE Kicker PRO is the first release in a series of tools developed around EA/DICE's Battlefield1942. It is a Remote Server Administration Tool that boasts a lightening fast connection time and intuitive interface. Admin's can now easily warn/kick/ban and message players as well as change server settings with unparalleled ease, speed and stability.

    Works with Battlefield 1942 v1.5
    NEW! - HotKey & Voice Driven Menu System allows in game Administration.
    Kick/Warn/Ban players with Hotkeys
    Change Maps with Hotkeys
    Restart Map with Hotkey
    Send 3 customizable Hotkey Messages
    Pause Game
    Toggle Autobalance on/off w/ auto off
    NEW! - Advanced Warning System
    1. Warnings can now be Grey game.sayall messages or Yellow admin.servermessages OR BOTH! Click here for examples.
    Room for 9 customizable warnings
    Automatic Text-2-Speech warnings when Players Score = -X
    NEW! - Even Faster Connection Time!
    NEW! - Support for Multiple Server Boxes via a unique Gamespy Port Autoscan Feature.
    NEW! - Manage your Buddylist
    NEW! - Balloon Tooltips
    NEW! - Resizable Players TAB - Height is resiable for viewing more players.
    View Players Scores/Kills/Deaths/Ping/Team
    View Current Map
    View Current Ticket Count/Flag Capture Score
    Change all remote admin settings
    Change and Set Next maps.
    Never Lose Sync with the server. (At least I havn't seen it do that yet )
    Apply as many Admin settings as you want All at once.
    AutoMessaging (Broadcast messages to the server)
    Support for Multiple Servers - Saves settings and automessages for multiple servers
    Attractive GUI

    Additional Features when using the CTFE SERVER

    All settings are "sticky"
    Logs All remote admin actions
    Chat with other remote admins
    Keeps names, reason, and the admin that banned, in the Banlist.
    Displays how many times a player has been warned, kicked or banned.
    Ability to start/stop the server including changing every settings/mods/maps

    You're probably thinking: Houdini, get a posted this at 0700 in the morning. Yeah, yeah...waiting for the movers to come get my stuff. :(

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    Ill check it out.


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      It's been posted in the Admin forum for a couple of weeks now... I tried it and it's not quite as nice as I was hoping... Perhaps I need to use it for a week straight to get used to it, though...

      I've also heard good things about it.
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