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    For those of you that don't know, Bio Shock is a game being made by Irrational that is a very strong spiritual successor to System Shock 2, and they spawn from the same ideals and group of people as the makers of the Thief series (mainly the first 2 thieves) and the Deus Ex series (mainly the first Deus Ex), so for those of you that have any experiance with those games, you know what awesomeness may await. Irrational also has made Swat 4 and Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich, as more recent examples.

    Anyway, when this game was first announced a great time ago, the premise was to be that it was like System Shock 2, but set in an old abandoned Nazi laboratory in an underground bunker infested with genetically adept insectoids that harvested and utilized human flesh. Well, a nice article has appeared in Game Informer, and the premise has been pretty much completely changed, with some of the deeper details intact. I have the scans available for download, though if for some reason thats not allowed due to copyright or some such, I would prefer an admin to edit the link from my posts, as this upcoming game is pretty exciting (to me at least).

    Sorry, that is copyright infringement. -Cing

    Oh well. But the cover, at least, is fine, since its available to the public on their website.

    For those of you that didn't get to sneak a download in, the game is now set in an underwater city built by a Soviet expatriot in 1946 as a monument to the individual, where great artists, thinkers, and athletes could live together and perfect themselves, instead of dithering away helping the masses.

    An underwater slug was found that was able to produce stem cells, and these became the new currency, making people stronger, faster, and smarter, as well as curing cancer and such. Eventually, a cellular arms race broke out between its inventor and the founder of the city, and soldiers and citizens alike found it neccessary to go beyond normal bounds in order to survive in the harsh new world, and they began to dehumanize themselves in the process.

    The city founder eventually won, and now, as the ocean creeps into this lost city, an ecology lives on. Aggressors hunt the halls looking for the remnant enemy forces and any new blood, while gatherers (enhanced children) gather the substance from dead bodies to harvest and feed the addiction it created among its users. Guarding them are Protectors, metallic gollums.

    The player wakes up in the middle of the ocean, the sole survivor of a plane crash, and makes their way down to the city, where they must adapt and learn to survive. The gameplay will be similar to Deus Ex and System Shock, but much more fluid, more dynamic, and much more freeform.
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    Sounds like an awesome game. I hope it turns out as good as it sounds.




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