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Digital Illusions signs agreement with Trauma Studios

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  • Digital Illusions signs agreement with Trauma Studios

    Digital Illusions signs agreement with Trauma Studios

    February 4, 2004

    Digital Illusions announces deal with Trauma Studios Inc. developer of
    the hit mod to Battlefield 1942, DesertCombat. This new collaboration
    is for one of Digital Illusions' previously announced projects.

    "We understood the impact DesertCombat had (on the Battlefield
    community) quite early. This mod kept Battlefield's popularity in
    place during the last year, as well as helped us sell a considerable
    number of games", says Patrick Söderlund, CEO, Digital Illusions. "We
    have established a close relationship with Trauma and now we have come
    to an exclusive agreement with them."

    "We are delighted to be working with Digital Illusions on this
    project. DICE is one of the premier game development studios in the
    world and Battlefield 1942 is one of the best PC game to be published
    in years. Everybody we have met at the company has been fantastic to
    work with and we are looking forward to collaborating with them on
    this project." said Frank DeLise, President, Trauma Studios Inc.

    About Trauma Studios Inc.: Trauma Studios Inc. is a Manhattan based
    game developer specializing in First Person Shooter military style
    games. Best known for the DesertCombat MOD for Digital Illusion's hit
    game, Battlefield1942, Trauma started up in 2002 and created the #1
    MOD for 2002 and for 2003 (as voted on Gamespy). Trauma Studios'
    DesertCombat has had over 3 million cumulative downloads and
    consistently ranks amongst the top 3 games played online. For more
    information, please visit
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