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Lockdown patched!

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  • Lockdown patched!

    God only knows why, it would take a miracle to fix that potential but sorry excuse for a Tom Clancy game... anyway, here it is:

    and heres whats in it:
    (notice my bold?)

    Filename: rainbow_six_lockdown_1.01_us_uk.exe
    From: Ubisoft
    Size: 57.4MB
    Posted: Jun 27, 2006
    Downloads: 48
    This patch includes improvements for multiplayer, sound, and the ability to change your walking and running speed.
    Minimum System Requirements:
    512 MB RAM, 64 MB VRAM, 7000 MB disk space
    Download Details
    Ubisoft has listened to the fan’s concerns and has made significant improvements
    on a number of outstanding issues in Rainbow Six: Lockdown for PC.

    Multiplayer Improvements

    • Multiplayer performance over has been enhanced in multiple areas to
    improve overall player satisfaction
    • Easier MP access for players by increasing efficiency of bypassing firewalls
    and opening ports
    • Overall, increased in-game MP server customization


    • Improvements were made to hardware and software sound manipulation
    o Reduced ‘Popping’ that occurred with certain sound cards

    Dedicated Server

    • Functionality of the dedicated server has been greatly improved by giving the
    player several new options
    o Bumped dedicated server support up from 14 players to 16
    o Dedicated server computers no longer need a video card that supports Direct X
    o Dedicated servers are able to auto-launch games


    • The player is given the option to manipulate the run and walk speeds to
    accurately reflect previous Rainbow Six titles
    • Hostage AI has been improved to provide the player a more immersive and
    realistic experience
    • Spectator mode is now available to eliminated players, so that once a player
    dies, they are still in the heart of the action
    • Multiple and improvements were made to the MOD system that provide more
    options and a greater ability to change Rainbow Six: Lockdown to fit their
    unique preferences
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    Re: Lockdown patched!

    Hmmm... looks like nobody was playing the game to actually care about mentioning the frag TK'ing. Oh wait, links to your videos were posted on the official forums. Noobisoft.

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