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  • Forgotten Hope

    It really is a shame a mod like this is released so close to when we'll all be getting our copies of BF:V.

    Has anyone heard of this mod? It is absolutly amazing. It's a very realistic WW2 mod with a lot of great maps that FORCE you to work as a team. This mod makes DC look like Quake 3 in terms of teamwork.

    The only problem is that it's a 1.3 GIG download. Yes, you heard right. 1.3 GIGS.

    Although, it's not as bad as one would expect. They broke the setup into 2 exes, so the dl is less likely to crap out on you in the middle of the night. Download one exe, leave your computer on overnight, and before you leave for work, download the next. You can be playing with me as soon as tomorrow. :)

    Seriously, I know BFV is coming out, but from what I hear, the gameplay is not ground breaking. It is a totally different time era, and when we get sick of it, I suggest we play this game.

    This mod blows BF1942 out of the water. The tanks are realistic (usually, you'll need a angled shot at the tank's turret to take it out), the guns are realistic (one shot rifle kills :)), and the maps are amazing (the omaha map is the best version of normandy I've played in any game).

    Give it a chance. I know BFV is coming out, but download this mod anyways. I think if we got 5 or so people together, we could really own public servers.

    Anyone interested?

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    Re: Forgotten Hope

    Looks pretty good, downloading right now =)




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