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  • Boy what a dumb [email protected]#

    Today its raining and I am on vacation so I think it would be a nice idea to go out and buy BFV. I look up on the net for different locations of stores to go to and start out... Remember I have know idea where these places are or how to get there and back. Recon Time! I take off down the road to a Circuit City that is 13 miles away. Arrive there and go in No BFV for sale they don't get up to date stuff because there is no demand in the area..( HA HA).

    Next stop is a Best Buy across the parking lot.. But wait there is a sign on the door not open till March 26th.. Well SH#$. It looks like a bad day at BlackRock. But wait there is a glow in the corner of the strip mall.. I follow the bright light. Yes I have been saved there stands a small sign, EB GAMES, this is a winner... In I go.

    I look the shelves over for the game and can't find a copy over anywhere. My mind races to the thought no demand in the area! What is wrong with these people don't they know that I am addicted and need a fix.. The store is busy. Not a large store in space but there are at least 20 people piled in there.. I move toward the clerk to ask about new releases when the man at the counter says: I am here to pick up my pre order of BFV.. What is this I hear BFV. I think Oh no they are all on hold. I going home empty handed again. But I did see the bright light before I came in here I know this is the place..

    The clerk hands the man in front of me his copy. I see the box my heart races! I blurt out do you have anymore copies of that game here...The clerk points to the shelve with 10 copies on it with post a notes on them for reserved copies. I just about Sh#$ when he then points to the floor where there are 10 more copies.. Heart stops racing and I fell a rush. I have found the source.. Now the gentleman in front of me says:" I hope this is as good as the hype, It will be hard to beat DC." Now being the shy and quiet type I say to him do you play online. He says "all the time". I smile and the old Tactical Gamer comes out and I tell him he should try it... The clerk says can I help you sir.. I order two copies and keep talking tactical gamer to the other gentleman.. The gentleman say he sure hopes the Helos are easier to land in BFV than in DC.. Well the conversation moves away from the counter to the back wall of the store..

    Now this story could go on for several pages but I won't bore you with the 2 and 1/2 hr story telling and comparing of notes of half of the people in the store including the clerk... was distributed on about every receipt in the store.

    Here is the Dumb ass part I didn't get any names or give out mine. So If any of the people of the store shows up here and reads this. I apologize! and WELCOME. Its amazing how you can travel hundreds of miles and find someone (total strangers) or a group of someone's that have something in common and end up sharing.By the way when I returned to the house my wife wanted to know what took so long. I started to tell her and she said never mind I know what happened Its a wonder you got back before nightfall...
    I may be old but I can still pull the trigger. Because I can't run. That makes me dangerous. :icon_lol:

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    Re: Boy what a dumb [email protected]#

    LOL! Good story!!

    I can just picture you standing there hoping for that copy of BFV!!

    Total and I went to a Best Buy up here, we walked in and I was looking on one shelf and found a single BFV Pre-Order box and was getting this sickening feeling in my stomach that we were going away empty handed and then Total walks around the corner with three nice new shiny boxes in his hands!

    I hope some of the folks you talked to make it on to the site!
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      Re: Boy what a dumb [email protected]#

      Your memory must be fading in your old age there OSD :p

      good story though, lets hope those fellas find thier way here!


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        Re: Boy what a dumb [email protected]#

        Awsome story OS.... It moves all the emotions.. ya wanted to cry, ya wanted to smile.. who said OS wasn't poetic in his own way!! :)




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