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  • VBS1 lite information...

    Now same thing applies as the Vietnam game... I got this information from the official web site, other web sites, and confirmed through a Bohemia Interactive contact, that shall remain nameless for now.

    Things may be just out right wrong, incorrect, or not the full story. All is subject to change.

    Like I said. VBS1 is a military grade simulation based on OFP, but for military folks to train and learn.

    VBS1 just recently became available to the public, and I have me the nice DVD Suite, and I love it.

    But I also got a couple of gifts, one was the Vietnam game i mentioned in another thread, and a DVD titled VBS1 Lite.

    VBS1 Lite is said to cost 25 US bucks, but that hasn't been confirmed. At that price VBS1 Lite will be a great hold over till Armed Assault is released, whenever. IMO

    Here's what the disk has that I got:

    2 "islands" a core and another one.
    about a dozen single player missions that are really good and more realistic type missions then you would see in OFP.

    You do get an editor and multiplayer support, unlike the Vietnam one I mentioned.

    There are NO missions made in the multiplayer part of the disk, hopefully some dedicated gamer will quickly convert all the single player missions into multiplayer, because they would be GREAT multiplayer missions in my opinion.

    Here is the official web site for VBS1:

    But I haven't seen a separate Lite web site, nor is it officially announced any where yet.

    Here is 2 AAR's I did of 2 missions:;t=000257;t=000258

    Here is my web site with info, screens, and videos:

    and here is a video I just did, and uploaded showing one of the missions in the VBS1 lite:

    More info as it becomes available.
    Magnum |TG-18th|

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    Re: VBS1 lite information...

    Nice video Magnum. I like the cut down trees with the undergrowth, makes it hard to spot opfor among all the brush and tree stumps.




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