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Crysis Multiplayer Announced

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  • Crysis Multiplayer Announced

    The only reson to upgrade:

    Just read yesteryday about the multiplayer capabilities of Crysis.

    I think they might be trying to push the boat out abit.

    Online you start off as a basic grunt either US or Korean.

    Basic Armour and weapons and as you develop in the game you can purchase or unlock more araments.

    The predator style armour is looking more and more exciting with increased strength and speed and adaptive cammo.

    Games could take as long as 10 hours or five days in game time.

    Multiplayer will have all the old favourites but it may include a twist on Advance and Secure where your objectives change mid flow depending on your strengths/weaknesses.

    You can find a takeover point but also take over factories, airfields and factories giving you the upper hand in the battle as these will allow you manufacturing capability.

    Pulling in the alien threat twist is 5/6 ramdomly generated alien crash sites containg alien tech which can be adapted to suit any weapons you have or even tanks and vehicles. Consider the awsome Ice Tank or Ice Gun etc.

    Vehicles will also be damaged but wont blow up untill you hit the fuel tank or take out the whole ship so in theory,

    If in a chopper with a squad you can be hit on the tail rotor with a stinger and then make a hard landing in the jungle but survive as the chopper wont crash and burn on impact.

    The jungles will be destructable to a certain extent but to me this sounds starange as online you have to then tell all other connected PCs that section xyz has been destroyed or a tree in quadrant 2 is now missing a branch. This could be bandwith heavy with a full compliment of 32 players. It may be a developers nice to have and my nice to have is a game with tanks that arent an easy target.

    Monster Machines need only apply to get the best bang for your assult weapon of choice.
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