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R6: Vegas out for pre-order...

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  • R6: Vegas out for pre-order...

    Direct 2 Drive has Rainbow Six: Vegas available for pre-order, it will then auto download Dec. 6th...

    I also have the game on the X-box 360, and if it's as good as the 360 version, it may be whats needed to redeem itself from Letdown, I mean Lockdown. ;(

    I'll be reviewing the PC version for SimHQ once released, if interested.

    PS: It's 50 bucks, but if you bought NWN2 from them and had those patch problems, you have a 10 dollar credit, that will be applied at checkout... SWEET.
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    Re: R6: Vegas out for pre-order...

    Uh, yeah, after getting burned on Lockdown (I didn't even buy it: the DEMO made me sad for having downloaded it), I'm going to wait for your always-spot-on review of the PC version. I've heard great things about it on the 360 but they like Halo over there.


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      Re: R6: Vegas out for pre-order...

      Mag I don't think you can play it to be honest. You need a Shader Model 3 card and last I checked you had an X800 series card and they don't support Shader Model 3.

      I don't expect it to be much better then Lockdown. Still an arcade game granted it does look fun.
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        Re: R6: Vegas out for pre-order...

        AI seems to be better in this. They are pretty tough, plus they flank you. Your rainbow team seems to listen pretty well, from what I can tell. I mostly play Story Coop mode, and not Singleplayer story. So far, this game has been golden on the 360, hopefully it will shine on the PC as well. I have a few issues with it, ie no control over grenades, you can't hold them, just a button press and they fly. Some of the cover system is a little iffy at times. Overall, amazing game imo.




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