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SOP (Tactics) - Squad Designations

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  • SOP (Tactics) - Squad Designations

    SOP (Tactics) - Squad Designations

    The designers of Raven Shield have limited co-op play by not allowing players to assign themselves to squads. However, there is always a solution to a problem. Players can change their call-signs at any point in the game. To take advantage of this feature, players can prefix their names with A, B, or C for Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie respectively. This way players can remember what squad they are assigned to and who their other squad members are. The benefit of being able to change call-signs any time allows for dynamic squad assignment during the mission.

    Keys can easily be binded to handle this task. To bind your keys, go to \Saves\Profiles\ in your Raven Shield directory. There is a file called user.ini that contains all the settings for your keys. This file can be edited in any text editor such as Notepad. The section to be edited is called [Engine.Input]. Scroll down to the function keys and make sure the entries look like this:
    [code:1]F5=name A Name
    F6=name B Name
    F7=name C Name
    F8=name Name
    These are the exact console commands that will be assigned to the keys. Now you can use keys F5-F8 to cycle through squads Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and no designation respectively. These hot-keys can only used during the simulation. They do not function prior to the start of the simulation.

    Options for squad designations can be the entire team using the prefix or just the squad leaders. The advantage of squad leaders using the prefix is it identifies who the squad leader is. The disadvantage is squad members may not remember which members are in his squad.

    - It's who you game with.



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