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Battlefield 2 Impressions: from E3

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  • Battlefield 2 Impressions: from E3

    Here is a first impressions article about BF2 from the E3 conference.

    I just watched the movies that are linked at the end of the article. Definitely some pretty cool stuff going on there. I'm not a GR player, but from what I've seen, there are probably some similarities.

    Note: If Apo has somewhere for me to upload them, I have the movies already downloaded from fileplanet.
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    Re: Battlefield 2 Impressions: from E3

    :icon14: I think the first 3 movies are the same one's H-hour posted previously.

    I did download and watch the E3 trailer though.

    This game is going to absolutely rock. The graphics and fluid character movement were some of the most realistic stuff that I've seen yet. I just hope the maps that come with the game are HUUUUGE because vehicles could make a foot soldier's life hell on a small map...

    Looking forward to this one for sure... :icon_bigg


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      Re: Battlefield 2 Impressions: from E3

      Battlefield: Modern Combat confused me. I couldn't figure out if they had renamed BF2 or what...

      Turns out it's the PlayStation version of the game. Looks like it's either a cross between Desert Combat and BF2 on a modified game engine. It offers a few things that we don't have with Desert Combat. Hopefully this will make for a stronger BF2.
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        Re: Battlefield 2 Impressions: from E3

        I personally am just biding my time with JO til BF2 comes out. I loved BF1942 and DC so I am really looking forward to this.

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