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  • Halo 3 Beta!

    So I know a few of you guys own XB360's, but is anyone playing the Halo beta? I can't start until Wednesday (Crackdown beta), but a friend of mine got the early "Friends and Family" beta invite and we've been playing alot this weekend. I'm a bit disappointed in the graphics (Halo 2.5?) but the game play is a lot of fun, so I guess I'm still pretty impressed. If anyone wants to play this coming week, or play anything else (I mainly play RB6:Vegas and Armored Core 4), my gamertag is Ninja Zombie X. Shoot me an friend request.

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    Re: Halo 3 Beta!

    I wish I was playing - have fun! Make sure you give some constructive feedback. Like any beta it's not the final version so the graphics, gameplay will only get better. I'm waiting for the final version of H3 so I can buy my 360.
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      Re: Halo 3 Beta!

      Aww! I wanna play too! *Grumbles*

      Now I just need to find someone with a 360 and hope he has the beta :p

      You should come back with some digital stills of the gameplay (screenshots if possible :p) and give a good review on the beta. It would help some of us make up our minds as to if we should purchase Halo 3 and/or the XBOX 360 system.
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