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Who would like to play FEAR Coop Warfare together?

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  • Who would like to play FEAR Coop Warfare together?

    Hello. My sign is StudM1.

    I'm trying to get together a small list of people who would like to play FEAR multiplayer (either through retail game or the free FEAR: Combat) with an emphasis on the excellent and popular COOP Warfare mod.

    My reasons are as me FEAR strikes a decent balance between a casual pickup type of game & a more tactical, teamwork-oriented game (thanks I think to the only-2-3 weps at a time system and the brutally smart AI), and the COOP Warfare mod gives teams the opportunity to team up against a level-full of that same AI enemy.

    The problem is often that you either wind up with a great group of players, not jaded but versed enough in the game mechanics, who are friendly, cooperative, and communicate with their teammates. Other times... well we've all been there.

    Enter Tactical Gamer! I'd like to find out how an adaptable and professional gaming community containing FEAR-fans would tackle such a challenge. If we manage along the way to develop successful team strategies, and later want to have our regular's nights for this game, that's just extra gravy.

    IMPORTANT: Before we go any further, I want to reassure and make clear to everyone that this is an unofficial group and nothing further. We are still TGers first, and this project will not be allowed to steal its players dedication away from this community. If it does, it must end. 'Nuff said.

    Ok, now...
    During the early stages, a roster of about 8 - 10 will be enough, since most Coop games (or regular TDM+etc sides) are about that size. We'll also have a free teamspeak server provided, and they only allow 8 users at one time without buying a dedicated voice server anyway. Remember that this will only be for a start, and we'll have to check with TG admins at a future date if they'll be able to give us a channel on their teamspeak server, or if we want to put in for our own should we grow. Again, that all comes later.

    If you're interested in getting together a few times a week, please post a "Yes" along with the best days/times for you to commit to gaming. BUT, if your answer is a YES, I will also need you to please PM "StudM1" with the same info - affirmative & days/times. This is to more easily seperate those posts with schedules and those posting solely their opinions.

    Speaking of them, if any of you do just want to share your opinions about this, please do so. Fresh thoughts should always be brought to the table.


    I'm not allowed to post links to external sites at this time, but here's a sloppy 2nd...

    Internet Search the following terms:

    "FEAR Combat" ------> returned hit = "FEAR - First Encounter Assault Recon"
    (^---This is the home site, but most major download sites will have it)

    "COOP Warfare Mod" ------> Best returned hit = Coop Warfare
    (^--- This is the home site, and lists many active mirrors to download from)

    That's all we need for now. Thanks, and I hope to get a lot of replies. See you all around.

    ~ StudM1
    |TG-Irr| StudM1

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    Re: Who would like to play FEAR Coop Warfare together?

    I like to play FEAR multiplayer every now and then - I played last night for the first time in awhile.

    PM me or post and well try to set up a time.
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