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DTT BFV release 1.00. A tactical tool for Clans

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  • DTT BFV release 1.00. A tactical tool for Clans


    I would like to diffuse the last version of my tool.
    The GAP is important between the last 2 published versions:

    This tool has been developped to make easier discussion on tactics stuffs when a team is playing matches for Battlefield Vietnam.

    The author is (|| Swisstell (CH) [email protected]) from the BFV team of Digital team: An european team playing at BF since the Go Live. The site of the team is at : This tool intends also to promote our team.

    The present release is not the final one, but all the available features are fully operational. Only some network features could be enhanced. The current version is then the 1.00.

    The development initiative comes from the use of the nicely ATC tool, which is quite useful, funny, but has fully bitmap approach.

    The main features are:
    Open/save tactics.
    Create users with color and general comments.
    Create points with own comment and current state (foot, jeep).
    Create events with many different types as flag, combat, mine, vehicle (>30)
    Define general objectives.
    Import events from other reference maps.
    User friendly interface : move points, selection rectangle, drop list,etc.
    Simulation : play your scenario with nice icons! Choose to display comments,
    paths, or events.
    Hide Player or Event mode to make easier the building of your tactic.
    Network : share your tactics. Define a tactic master who will share his
    Tool tip shows comments on map and simulation.
    Multilanguage support (only English/French for the moment).
    Export your tactic in JPEG.

    As the present tool is in java, please ensure to have the last jre. It has been
    fully tested with jre1.4.2

    Please find the installer of DTT here : (ENGLISH version)
    it contains program, user guide, and 2 screenshots.

    Don't hesitate to contact me for any information
    (please load the examples to see what the tool could do)

    (|| Swisstell (CH)

    The history is

    Enhancement from 0.77 to 0.84

    1) Change colours of display
    2) Add possibility to change all modes (VHC) of points of one player
    3) Click on player name on left panel opens player settings window
    4) When a tactics has been sent by a master on the network, any new user
    receives it after login.
    5) Possibility to know who is connected from menu.
    6) On simulation, possibility to stop a run.
    7) The slider in simulation only allows integer values (main points)
    8) No more possible to move points outside screen
    9) No more error when cancelling a connection (connection window).
    10) The main window is now resizable.

    Enhancement from 0.84 to 0.91

    11) This version now supports Battlefield Vietnam
    12) Small bugs have been corrected
    13) Multilanguage support (modify file)
    14) Possibility to disable player

    Enhancement from 0.91 to 1.00

    15) Objectives Window
    16) Events
    17) Selection of events for simulation
    18) New buttons to switch between modes
    19) Directory for tactics
    20) Possibility to import just events into a map
    21) Change colours of all client screen
    22) Possibility to hide a mode
    23) Export JPG from simulation



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