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yo im new here

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  • yo im new here

    yo im new here.
    my name is Jackson and I hope to be of some value to this forum.
    (I'm a hardcore Medal of Honor player)
    i just bought Battlefield Vietnam, and i decided to update the patches.
    I want to play online against me and my friend, but I was told I need a private server patch on my server. i tried it out for version 1.0 and it worked great.
    I updated it to version 1.02 and my private server patch isnt working.. my friend keeps getting data differ from server. (hes patched too)

    is there a 1.02 private server patch or should i just reinstall?

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    Re: yo im new here

    Hmmm, I haven't been keeping up with BF:V at all...

    Here's the official downloads site, though:
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      Re: yo im new here

      That message can also be caused if Content Checking is set to On. Based on my understanding, if it is set to On, anyone with a non-pure(with mods or CD crack) install of BF:V can't play. Depending on what you are using to configure the server it is either a button in the BF:V Server Manager from BlackBag Ops or it is a setting in one of the .con files(something like serversettings.con) You can look for Content in the .con file and set it to 0(number not letter). I don't have my server near me right now or else I would be more specific.





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