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  • GRAW 2 Demo

    The new installment of Ghost Recon seems as though it may be a decent release by UBIsoft. I think that they really botched GRAW 1 (IMO) - especially with the multiplayer mode.

    However, I just finished playing the GRAW 2 demo and really believe that this may be an awesome tactical shooter. For those of you that played the original Ghost Recon, you may feel like your coming home. There are some features missing that will be in the final version, such as Squad Organization, VOIP, cross squad communication, and some other goodies.

    However, those things aside it seems as though it is a game worthy of TG (I.E. Tactical Infantry Shooter with an emphasis on realism).

    Check out the free demo:

    Shoot me a PM if your interested in squadding up.

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    Re: GRAW 2 Demo

    The GRAW 2 demo consists of only 2 game modes. RvsA and TDM I believe. For those around here who enjoyed the original neither of these modes will be that interesting.
    The hard core will be more interested in coop.
    Until it is actually done and we get to see exactly what's in it I'm going to reserve judgement.
    I do what I can.

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      Re: GRAW 2 Demo

      Personally I used to play Last Man Standing competitively in the original GR and loved it. The DM game play is very similar and you can set spawn numbers and times to make the gameplay more realistic ... 3 or less respawns is my preference to ensure that you value your life.

      I never played much Coop because the AI was not very good in the original GR.

      I'll have to wait for the full version to make a final verdict as well... but I'm enjoying the demo very much when I'm in a communicating, team-oriented squad.




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