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Battlefield:40k, a total Conversion for Battlefield:1942

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  • Battlefield:40k, a total Conversion for Battlefield:1942

    Ok, me and my Mod team (currently consisting of four) have been looking everywhere for Modders to help us with our new Mod: Battlefield:40k, a Total Conversion for Battlefield:1942. We need hel badly, seeing as this is a large undertaking,and we want it to shine it's very best (does 40k deserve any less, lol :roll: ). Our Mod's forum is located at:

    Inexperience is not a problem, and we can help N00bs to modding get better, also, if you don't own a copy of BF:1942, that okay, if you want to help out anyway, we'll be happy to take ya.

    Currently, we need:

    -People with a deep knowledge of 40k

    Any help we get will be truly appreciated, and the first 32 members will be on the list for first playtesters when the mode reaches Beta, or, heck, even alpha stage. If you need to contact me for any reason, all my Instant Messenger's are listed here, and I can be reached via E-Mail at: [email protected]


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    Re: Battlefield:40k, a total Conversion for Battlefield:1942

    Hi i'll join up. I'm a n00b at modding but as you said you can help. I have GMAX and all the tools installed. I had some experiance in 3d modeling. so... can I?




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