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Savage 2 beta is up.

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  • Savage 2 beta is up.

    You get into the beta by preordering but there is a cut off data of I believe June 1 2007 for this round of testing.
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    Re: Savage 2 beta is up.

    They were nice enough to not BCC the invitation email too... so If you were included as myself, prepare for spam.

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      Re: Savage 2 beta is up.

      This has been a long time coming. I thought the game was going to come out this summer. I've long since forgotten anything about this game. I love the concept but it's taking forever.

      Is that June 1 2007? or 2008? Because June 1 2007 passed a loooooong time ago and that means I have no chance of getting into this round of beta testing.

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