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SOP (Tactics) - Element Movement (CQB)

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  • SOP (Tactics) - Element Movement (CQB)

    SOP (Tactics) - Element Movement (CQB)

    CQB, or Close Quarter Battle, refers to engagements that take place in small areas, such as buildings, where element cover areas are many and change frequently. In these types of engagements your Fire Condition is most often GREEN.

    A fire team in a CQB environment will be known as an "element." The element consists of two or more participants, but a five man team is ideal. The element is formed by assigning primary positional roles to the members -- such as, Scout, Assault, Element Lead, Cover, and Backup or as numbers in that order. Additional members above five will assist in the Cover role.

    Each position in the element has an assigned AOR (Area of Responsibility) -- their cover area. AORs may change has the element moves through the engagement due to the dynamics of the area. Therefore, any member of the element may find the need to assume a new AOR position other than their primary assignment in order to effectively protect the element's objectives. For example, as the element moves through a building, the #2 man may find it necessary to cover right as the element passes through a cornered hallway consisting of several doors. His AOR has changed temporarily but will return to his normal AOR when the element is clear.

    Positions Defined:[list=1][*]Scout - the lead member. Responsible for stacking on doors and first contact engagements. #1 should always stay in the crouched position so #2 has a clear line of sight over him.
    [*]Assault - primary backup for #1. Assists with Dynamic Entries.
    [*]Lead - commands the element. Issues orders, direction, and objective. Role moves to #2, then #1 if KIA.
    [*]Cover - responsible for covering flank AORs (assists #5). May consist of more than one member.
    [*]Backup - maintains rear cover AOR. Also assists #4 in flank AORs. #5 should always stay in the crouched position so #4 has a clear line of sight over him. This is one of the most important positions. The position doesn't typically see a lot of activity, but when it does, it's the most appreciated. Trust that your Backup has 'got your back.'[/list:o]
    Technique Generalizations:
    Don't cross another team member's immediate direct line of fire -- move behind them. If that's you, then be sure to allocate enough room for the crossing team member to get behind you.

    Offer automatic cover support while moving. If #1 is moving to cross an open area, #2 will hold position and cover while #1 is moving to the next AOR. Then, #2 will move into position on #1. This 'rubber band' style of movement can be altered to the 'leap frog' technique, whereby #1 would hold position while #2 moves to pass by #1, moving directly to the next AOR. In both cases, the process would repeat itself and should include all element positions.

    When stacking (forming into position on an opening/door), be prepared for entry. If the door opens in, stack on the hinges, otherwise stack on the handle. Check your weapon. Orient yourself by checking your map -- know your AOR. There's no worse thing than moving in to clear a room in the wrong direction.

    Listen to your Lead. In some circumstances your movement may be altered by the Lead. For example, it may only be nescessary for #1 and #2 to enter and clear rather than the entire element. If your A

    It is very difficult to convey years of proper CQB technique training into a single SOP. Below is a 'real world' CQB technical document for your off-line review.
    I run my $#@! new school style with old school roots...



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