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  • looking for people to play

    first of all i hope im not posting this out of line and i am not recruiting.
    i am in a club where the members all play all kinds of first person shooters
    but only 3 people play raven shield and we seem to never get a game up. and that is sad cause we have like 100 members
    so if you want to help me get RS started in the club feel free to visit we have a teamspeak server and if you never used a voice program to play the games you are missing out.
    other games the club plays is
    HALF LIFE 2 [soon]
    so if you wanna try to help me get ravenshield going in the club go to i think you will need to register in the forums to get the teamspeak password and ip. and if you need help with teamspeak we will be glad to help you

    p.s. most club members are in there 30s and most are from us a canada but there are some members from all around the globe

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    Re: looking for people to play

    We Don't have many people who play Raven Shield here either but, I do play. I often play on Faces Of Valors server.

    Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield
    Public TvsT
    Faces Of Valor (FOV)
    Listed on UBI as Faces of Valor recruiting
    Admins: InCyn and Crimson
    Comments : this is a good place to play TvsT RvS. The Admins run a good clean server where guest are treated with respect. This is a good crowd to play with

    Feel free to drop by.


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      Re: looking for people to play

      hey thanx i did play with the FoV guys and they seem to be nice and very respectfull


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        Re: looking for people to play

        Hey me and a lot of the guys I play with (Team Element) play ravenshield pretty regularly. I love this game as no other game out there comes close to CQB. Brooklyn also loves this game and there's a few others here at TG who play it.

        Just to point out TG is not a clan, it's a community where like minded players come to game. We follow a set of rules (deadmen don't talk, play tactically, etc) to make the gameplay more immersive and will quite happily play coop or tvt.

        Perhaps we can get a game going this weekend sometime? I'm in the UK so there's a 5 hour time diff but at weekends that's not usually a prob as I don't work on weekends :) Were you looking at TvT or CooP?


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          Re: looking for people to play

          =GsTA= Now Has the ability to run a Raven Shield server. If any of you guys want to play Let me know. We don't run the server 24-7 so I will need to know ahead of time, but it only takes me a few min to get it up and going. feel free to Pm me or email at [email protected]




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