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Just A Buncha' Guys And Gals, Lookin' To Have Some Fun And Yet Win At The Same Time

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  • Just A Buncha' Guys And Gals, Lookin' To Have Some Fun And Yet Win At The Same Time

    Well yeah, I know what you’re thinking. God, another one of those stupid clans claiming to be mature, respectful the whole nine yards. Trust me friend, I understand you… those type of clans are the main reason I’ve created AG (Avid Gamers) A clan where we don’t have to claim that were mature and respectful, talk is cheap. So if you want proof, why not just join up our teamspeak, or game server and you’ll see for yourself. While we are just a bunch of guys (and gals) who are looking to have fun, we also are quite serious about winning. Not obsessive, but its important to us. Which is why we plan to sign up for TWL’s and CAL’s ladders, leagues, and cups. AG at the moment plays BF42, and BF:V. We obviously plan to erect (haha) A BF2 division when the game comes out (March 1st, for those of you who don’t already know) If there is one thing AG is not its 1337. We down “pwn yur noob ass” we aren’t about that. We are not a bunch of kids who are playing instead of doing their homework. Like I said earlier were just a bunch of guys and gals looking to have fun, and win at the same time.
    When you join AG you make a commitment, when you join you are telling us that you wont nag when we tell you that we require ALL our members to make our 3 of our 7 practices (one a day) We aren’t on the TWL and CAL ladders to sit there in last and collect dust. There some excellent teams out there, and we need all the practice we can get. And the best practice you can get IS NOT practicing stupid tactics that you might use once in some match down the road, but just locking up the server for a few hours and splitting the clan up in two teams and just playing. Separate the guys on different teams in teamspeak, make it battle conditions. Do it every night, effeciantly… trust me you’ll have a stellar team, whom can truly compete at a top tournament level. And the other type of practice, opening the server back up and just playing with the public, having fun, but also using TS and teamwork. That’s why we offer our teamspeak server to the public. Because come on, we all know its more fun playing with TS on and with teamwork, then runnin’ and gunnin’ it alone. And we love to play with the BF community.
    Now, after my long rambles have finished (which they have) and if you feal that this mentality of a clan fits what you’re looking for please email me at
    [email protected]
    Or IM me on my AIM sn at

    Now let me warn you, our site is still being created (using flash macromedia and php nuke code) and we’re just finishing the last steps in buying our server, as well as teamspeak. We estimate to have all our communication services (including forums full completed by about December 20th (That might seem like along time, but you have no idea how hard it is for these stupid server guys to set up the damn thing)
    Until then we’ll be going in to hardcore recruitment mode and then around Mid-Later December we will start registering in ladders and our practice schedule will take full effect.

    Well, thanks for your time,
    Sincerely [AG]Lemonade

    My E-mail [email protected]
    My AIM/AOL SN: GabeyBabey69

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    Re: Just A Buncha' Guys And Gals, Lookin' To Have Some Fun And Yet Win At The Same Ti

    Ya know if you want to stick around and get to know the great people here and come out and play with us great, we would love to have you. You might even pick up a few recruits for your group through people you meet and play with. I however doubt you will get a very positive response by comming in here and spamming ads for your super great very cool clan on you your very first post. Tactical Gamer is a community of adults who love to game and have a certain style we enjoy. So by all means come out an join us and get to know us make a few friends and maybe someone will be interested but leave the ads. If all you want to do here is advertise use the link below for more info.

    Advertise on Tactical Gamer
    "they're more like guidelines, than actual rules,"....Captain Barbossa - Pirates of the Caribbean


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      Re: Just A Buncha' Guys And Gals, Lookin' To Have Some Fun And Yet Win At The Same Time

      Hey bro, appreciate the responce and I apologize for the spamming and yes I think I will defently become a member of this community


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        Re: Just A Buncha' Guys And Gals, Lookin' To Have Some Fun And Yet Win At The Same Ti

        I am not sure where you all play currently, but you are more than welcome to play on the TG BF1942 DC Final server. It's been a little slow lately and it would be nice to get some players on again. Plus as Quarath said it would give you some good recruitment opportunity. Tuesday is our "official" BF1942 DC Final night but feel free to stop by any time. The Tuesday battle begins officially at 9:00 p.m. Eastern but some of us are on earlier. You can find our rules/standard of play here: There are also rules displayed in game as well. Hope to see you on our server.





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