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    Ministry of Intelligence 6 [Mi:6] is recruiting!!

    Formerly known as the Battlefield Vietnam Clan SEAL Team Six [ST6], [Mi:6] is primarily a Call of Duty:United Offensive Clan that promotes teamwork and excellence. If you enjoy working as a team to achieve victory, then this is the clan for you! We employ Xfire and Teamspeak (both available free, but you will need a microphone), have our own dedicated server, and website (newly redesigned)!

    We compete on TWL and soon CAL, we have regularly scheduled practices and meetings, and scrim often (just dominated in another last night, our top scorer ended with 50kills to 7deaths). We recruit members from all skill levels. Skill can be taught, and we have excellent teachers always willing to help out newer players.

    For more information email me at [email protected], or visit our website at . You can also join our Teamspeak at or join in our Call of Duty:United Offensive server.

    [Mi:6] Assassin
    Head Recruiter
    Ministry of Intelligence 6

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    Re: Call of Duty:United Offensive

    Figures, right after posting the recruitment ad, admin changes their mind on the site's URL .... lol..... here is the new one If you haven't already paid us a visit, check us out. Even if not interested in joining, register with our site, and come play on our server. Always lookin' for more friends.




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