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HELP! Game won't run!

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  • HELP! Game won't run!


    I go to start up BF1942. The splash screen comes up, the screen goes black, then I hear the windows "Error" chime, and the game crashes to my desktop.

    I've tried starting the game in every possible way. EVERY WAY. I've updated it to the new patch. Nada.

    I'm really trying to avoid reinstalling here, as I woul dhave to redownload all of the patches/mods I have, which would total up to over 1gb of download. On my DSL, that takes a while, and I REALLY want to play the game. :D

    Any ideas what's going on here?

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    This last patch has caused my game to lock up my computer at every map change. I don't know what the deal is...
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      The last patch seems to do some VERY funky things. For me it almost seems like it spawns a NEW battlefield .exe and terminates the old one. I actually see a new task window open, the first one close, then I get connected to the new map.

      On the server side it appears that the actual SERVER does the same thing as well. I'm hoping we see a 1.51 patch out shortly...
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        This was happening even BEFORE I updated. I updated once I saw the game wasn't working.

        So, is it looking like I'm stuck with a reinstall?


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          yeah BF has always started a new .exe between maps, which is what causes the switch to desktop annoyance. every build affects different people with this. i think the exe name is blank.exe? i'm not sure you will see a patch for this anytime soon as it has been around since day 1. as i said each patch affects different people.

          one thing that might help is to make sure you have all the latest drivers, including yer mobo chipset. For VIA users the 4in1 drivers. and of course vid drivers. i'ver heard the latest nvidia driver flakes out DC on a couple peoples machines.


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            Originally posted by MikoLovesYou
            This was happening even BEFORE I updated. I updated once I saw the game wasn't working.

            So, is it looking like I'm stuck with a reinstall?

            Im pretty sure that your problem is in you video default settngs for BF.

            I had this problem.

            go to

            C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Settings

            open video default with notepad

            now there will be a string called renderer.allowAllRefreshRates 0

            change this setting to 1


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              Miko, be sure to confirm if that last suggestion worked. :)
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                I'm going to as soon as I get home.


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                  Emanon, you are a wonderful, wonderful person. :D :D :D

                  PROBLEM SOLVED!

                  Again, thank you very much emanon for the timely response. I look foward to playing many games of BF with you folk now. :D


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                    i do what i can.




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