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    Edit: My apologies, it seems I am blind, I didn't see it but there was another topic about this, on the same page actually. Sorry about that. I would post a link to the topic but it won't allow me.

    Hey folks,

    A few years ago, I used to be playing a game called Plan of Attack (PoA). I just now remembered this game and I think we should get some people and play it. It is a HL2 mod and was the first Source Engine total-conversion. Its gameplay revolves around tactics, planning, and teamwork, hence the name. It is objective based, and so is the pointing. In my humble opinion, it is a great game and it would be greater even if played by TG players.

    Sadly, I cannot post any links but I thrust you guys can find the official website. Googling "Plan of Attack" works very well ;). Check out the media sections and the screenshots, especially the plan editor.

    However, this game has a small problem:
    No one plays it.
    It is incredibly hard, even impossible to find a server. So if you guys want to check it out, someone would need to host a game. I would do it but both my connection and my computer are bad, and I wouldn't be available a lot. So if someone wants to volunteer and host a server, it would be great, even if it is just for checking if you guys like this game.



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