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  • WW2 Online Update

    Not sure if this is a FPS or a Strategy or a combo MMORPG ...anyways... here is what I got in my Email.. It would have been lovely if this game caught on with TG'ers... I can see massive TG troop taking a town by storm!..

    ************************************************** *****
    ************************************************** *****


    Come back and try the latest version of WWII Online: Battleground Europe for FREE!

    The 1.29 update to the game has been one of the biggest in our history and we'd like to invite you to come back and play for free for 2 weeks! Be sure to log in to be entered into a drawing to win some fantastic prizes as well.

    1.29 features...
    TUTORIAL ZONE - Updated training grounds and a basic training tutorial for new players.
    TERRAIN - Added new clouds, buildings, bridges, and capture objects
    SCORING - Your killer will now be listed in the AAR, and you are now rewarded points for guarding CPs and bonus points for kills made while guarding!
    AIRCRAFT - Two new planes have been added in the early tiers. The Allies receive the Spitfire Mk Ib and the Axis receive the Bf 109E-1.
    NEW NO-JOYSTICK KEYMAPS - Now you can drive a tank or ship, or even try to fly a plane, without a Joystick, and the default keymaps have been adjusted for consistency! Find out more at:
    Plus Much More!

    "Looks like fun! I can't wait to get back in game."

    "*opens stug hatch* w00t this is great! Thanks a ton CRS! Greatest game ever!"

    "This is hands-down the absolute BEST version of the game I have EVER played! It truly is a whole new game."

    We hope you decide to come back and try out the new version of WWII Online and maybe decide to stay. If you know someone who played in the past but might not get this invitation, please forward this e-mail. Nothing is more important to the future of the game than the support we get from our players.

    This Welcome Back Soldier offer is available to all premium account holders that have been inactive for less than 24 months, and provides all access, free play between December 22nd, 2008 and January 6th, 2009. No sign-up or credit card required to participate.



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    Re: WW2 Online Update

    Well, the viewing distance is so massive (6,000 meters) that it basically necessitated a low poly-count for the in-game models, making this game look like something that was published 10 years ago. I'm sure Cornered Rat could've picked up some tricks to rectify this... but yeah. The butt-ugly graphics didn't help the game's popularity (neither did its steep-ass learning curve).

    Once you dig into it, though, the game was a blast. VERY realistic.


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      Re: WW2 Online Update

      I still think this concept is a winner.. A perpetual online battle.. We just need to get it done right.. Maybe with simple gameplay like BF2 and average graphics... I don't's beyond me..
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        Re: WW2 Online Update

        Hands down the most fun I've EVER had gaming has been with WW2O. And you guys know I've done a lot of gaming in my time.

        I'm tempted to try it out again, but I vowed not to until they released a new arena. Fighting over and over in western europe gets old... even though sometimes the map can take more than a month to flip.

        I used to be with a group called the 94th Armoured Brigade. We kicked ass and took names. When the fit hit the shan they called us to clean up the mess. :) But, the squad broke up after internal politics and I stopped. Was ALWAYS a game I thought TG should get into, but back then I wasnt much into the leadership thing and MMOs were not welcome. People in my squad took pictures of their kids holding WW2O boxes and routinely went to the conventions - they were serious folks... some were war vets too. Many were active. Occasionally the army would use the game to run drills even.

        A few things that are tough to grasp for the newb in this game is the ORBAT, teamspeak, HQ, and officership. None of the higher level strategies of the game are written into the marketing or the tuts for that matter; you're somewhat left on your own to browse around or ask squadies to find out. Once you do, you realize the true nature of the game... it's not just about headshotting dudes with a rifle.

        There's a strict command and control structure that goes all the way up from newb. to the Devs themselves. Anyone who aspires to embrace another level of the game can apply for squad leadership and/or the officer corp (which means taking an actual online course). Gain enough trust and spend enough time in-game and you might just find yourself the ranking officer online and have a HUGE amount of responsibility thrust upon you.

        The people at the top typically quit their jobs to run their side of the War - it's no joke. They have to organize hundreds of people, along with brooding over large command maps, resource allocations, R&D, etc.

        Anyways, I've always wondered why someone at TG didnt work with one of the Commanders in WW2O to get a squad setup (you cant just make a squad and play, you need to be part of the ORBAT and be given a TS channel... or work underneath another element). I spose you could just whip up a combat element; you just have to take some time to figure out who you'll be taking order from.

        Fun stuff... complex too
        I highly recommend it as a "rite of passage" of sorts for any hardcore TG-type gamer. There is no other game TG plays that requires more discipline and teamplay than WW2O. You make a small error in WW2O and your entire night's op can be blown, sometimes causing the entire map to be rolled (I've seen it happen). Easy to be the hero, but easy to be the scapegoat too.

        y'know what... screw it, I'm DLing this thing and giving it a shot again. I'll be on the Allied side as usual (bigger challenge since the Germans pwn all)


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          Re: WW2 Online Update

          Don't want to pay monthly for an eh game
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            Re: WW2 Online Update


            y'know what... screw it, I'm DLing this thing and giving it a shot again. I'll be on the Allied side as usual (bigger challenge since the Germans pwn all)[/QUOTE]

            You tease... I chcked with my wife and she won't let me quit my job to manage the war... but I may give her a real shot. I downloaded it and stated the trial back up and then got a new I have to try again.
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