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  • Delta Force Xtreme 2 Beta

    Fileplanet subscribers can get into the beta for this now.

    Has anyone else tried this out yet? What do you think of it?

    I haven't read all the info about the game yet but I have played it some.
    You can have over 100 people per server.
    Graphics aren't bad.
    Vehicles = Gun copters and blackhawks, Tanks, BTRs, pickup trucks, motorcycles.
    Capturerable sam sites? and other bases which allow spawning and have some fixed weapons.
    Fair selection of different assault rifles, RPGs, AT rockets, satchel charges.
    Standard weapon setup. (knife, pistol, rifle, grenade, special)
    Fairly large map with hills, valleys and a mountain.

    No voice that I've found yet but I think it has some canned voice for situations.
    I believe it has squad structure but haven't used it yet.

    Right now you can test 1 single player and 1 multiplayer scenario (Team King of the hill)

    This game could be alot of fun with TG. I hope they add voice to it though.

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